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The worst shock scandal in the European Parliament after suspicions of corruption


"The worst scandal in its history..."

Shock in the European Parliament after corruption suspicions

The European Parliament is living under shock on Monday after its Greek Vice President Eva Kylie was jailed with corruption suspects linked to Qatar threatening to tarnish the institution's image, AFP reported.

In this case 

European Parliament President Roberta Mitsola

  • declared Monday that "European democracy is under attack"
  • expressing her "profound anger and sadness"
  • at the corruption scandal in which her

Greek deputy Eva Kylie was arrested

promising that "there will be no impunity and nothing will be hidden.

It also confirmed the opening of an "internal investigation to consider all facts associated with the European Parliament" to allow for the reform of this body.

For her part

French European Representative Aurore Lalloch

a member of the Social Democrats bloc, the second political force in the European Parliament to strip Kylie of her duties last Saturday

said in a tweet:

Our institution should be urgently strengthened to

fight the poison of corruption .

French Representative Manon Aubrey

(Parental Party of France)

  • Co-Chair of the Radical Left Bloc
  • called before the "worst corruption scandal in the history" of
  • the European Parliament, "for the resignation of the red-handed Vice-President

a firm debate and the immediate placement of a commission of inquiry into the shortcomings of Parliament in this case".

AFP quoted a judicial source as confirming that Kylie (44) and three other persons were imprisoned by decision of a judge in Brussels two days after being arrested in connection with an investigation into large sums that Qatar may have paid to influence decisions within this main European organization of the 2022 World Cup.

The judicial source stated that Kylie

could not avail herself of her

  • parliamentary immunity because she was suspended "in case of confusion"
  • confirming that "bags full of banknotes"
  • were found in the apartment of

  • the European Socialist Representative.

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Monday

arriving at a meeting of the bloc's foreign ministers in Brussels, considered that "this information is very worrying."

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen also considered the suspicion of corruption in the European Parliament "very worrying".

She added:

"It is a matter of trust for people who are at the heart of our institutions. such trust implies very high standards of independence and impartiality ".

Commenting on the incident

German Foreign Minister Annalena Birbuk said "it is indeed an incredible incident and should now be unequivocally and strictly clarified by law, because it is also and above all about Europe's credibility".

Eva Kylie

a 44-year-old former television presenter who was elected in January 2022 as the European Parliament's

Vice President

visited early November Qatar, where she praised Qatari Labour Minister Ali Bensmith al-Marri for the country's reforms in the area of working conditions.

"Qatar's organization of the World Cup proves the historic transformation of a country whose reforms have inspired the Arab world," the European MP said on November 22 from the European Parliament rostrum.