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Destruction of the planet..." US expert explains the threat of nuclear war


Destruction of the planet...

US expert explains the threat of nuclear war

Former White House employee Paul Craig Roberts revealed how American politics has brought the world closer to the brink of nuclear war.

This came during an article written by the White House official during Ronald Reagan's administration, in which he noted that more than two decades ago, successive U.S. administrations were increasing the likelihood of a nuclear conflict


according to the writer

began when Bill Clinton made his promise not to get close.


  • from Russia's borders
  • then its successors cancelled all confidence
  • building agreements reached during the Cold War.

Roberts continued:

  • Russia's provocations since the overthrow of the Ukrainian government in
  • 2014 have completely destroyed Russia's confidence in Washington.
  • Atomic scientists say that we are 90 seconds from midnight


and I think we are a second nanosecond away, we have reached the point where it takes only one wrong warning about the approaching missiles. "

In his view, Western politicians

totally incompetent

"Irresponsible and stupid" thought that the situation in Ukraine warranted nuclear war.

Instead of adhering to the Minsk Agreements to maintain peace in Ukraine

Washington used them to trick Putin into

forming a Ukrainian army to attack the Donbass republics.

Instead of working with the Russian President to conclude a mutual security agreement, Washington provoked the expansion of the conflict in Ukraine in order to increase


  • at the expense of Finland and Sweden, thereby doubling the presence of

  • the Western Alliance near Russia's border

  • the writer noted that the United States of America

and NATO

are currently engaged in the war in Ukraine in such a way that

one wonders

what can Washington do when Russians penetrate Ukrainian defences?

Will United States and NATO soldiers rush to help Ukraine? 

The author continues:

The use of weapons that promote evil is evident in their deployment.

if used

will destroy life on Earth. The likelihood of being used rose dramatically in

the 21st century

while Democrat Hillary Clinton declared Russia's President

(the new Hitler)

and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called

for the assassination of President Putin. 

According to the author

  • If the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States
  • the CIA and American politicians have the least intelligence to
  • understand that in the general climate of preventive nuclear strikes

nuclear weapons endanger the presence of

the United States of America. They do not protect us .

The author continues that the idea that

"Russia and China want to govern us is crazy."

Stressing that the United States of America owns "Expansionist ideology and the agenda of dominance of the world", and the Russian and Chinese Governments have their own problems, and do not want the problems of a State

"Morally bankrupt"

  • such as the United States
  • where "men marry men
  • women and women

and doctors mutilate young people for sexual conversion .

The writer says that during the twentieth century

cold war warning times were longer

and the principle of mutual destruction was a deterrent nuclear attack.


the speed of Russian hypersonic missiles and the ability to

unexpectedly change the course of the missile have changed the focus on the preventive strike, as only one false warning is required to begin the nuclear apocalypse where there is no time to determine whether the warning is false. "

The writer believes that everyone should

understand that once Washington first changed

and then Russia

their war doctrine, from the non-first use of nuclear weapons to proactive attack, nuclear weapons are no longer for deterrence, as the principle of preventive attack guarantees their use in the event of a single false alarm".

In the author's view, American war planners responsible for this change must be arrested immediately, tried for crimes against humanity, and discarded.

During the Cold War

 the writer continues, There were those who thought that

the reds were better than death.

Today's expansionist communist ideology is dead.

  • American neoconservatives dominate American foreign policy
  • with an expansionist agenda for American hegemony.
  • It is crazy that they believe that the United States
  • can exercise its domination over Russia and China. 

The sentence in the article's conclusion by the author reads:

If we want to survive, we must immediately stop this madness", explaining that "nuclear war means the destruction of the planet.