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Elon Musk insults Keith Alberman and Rob Reiner


Elon Musk insults Keith Alberman and Rob Reiner

Twitter CEO Elon Musk insulted two of his constant critics

former MSNBC host Keith Alberman and Hollywood star Rob Reiner, on his social media platform. The two fallen stars spent years making hysterical and incorrect statements on social media about the conservatives.

The sooner the Justice Department acquits President Biden of any criminal wrongdoing, the faster they can focus on saving the rule of law and our democracy by indicting a Trump. We're over that time.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden differ in that they:

Joe Biden upholds the law with honor.

and Donald Trump is a satisfactorily false criminal.

"Republicans do not stand for free. The next two years will waste taxpayers' money on absurd committee hearings.

We have to make sure that we have at least one Katie Porter on each committee to call them out for their nonsense.

From a political standpoint

I understand why Garland was appointed special counsel to investigate President Biden.

As futile as it is from a legal point of view, I can accept it. What I'm not going to accept is Trump not being indicted. Garland, do your job!

"Unless the Justice Department accuses Donald Trump and his rebellion associates, I fear our democracy will continue on the road to extinction.

If we don't hold Trump and his insurgents accountable, we risk going down Brazil's path. Jack Smith, Merrick Garland: The Ball of Democracy in Your Stadium ".

Olbermann is more than that out there.

Elon provided an algorithm update on Twitter:

"Deleting accounts you hate will result in our algorithm showing you more of these accounts, as they turn off your interactions.

"If you like to send this account to the Delete Basket, you will probably like to send this account to the Delete Basket. not actually a mistake ".

The Twitter user, who makes funny memes that usually make fun of hysteria on the left, said:

are you trying to say I have to get away from smashing Biden because I'll see more Rob Reiner and Keith Alberman tweets?

Musk replied:

"Is it even possible to emulate their tweets?

"I'm just literally wondering now if that's possible."