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Tweets mocking Zelenskiy: He will soon get a worse deal than the Minsk Agreements for Ukraine


Tweets mocking Zelenskiy: He will soon

get a worse deal than the Minsk Agreements for Ukraine

Twitter users criticized Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's remarks that a few dozen western tanks would not tip the scales for Kiev on the battlefield.

This came during an interview with ARD

where Zelensky expressed dissatisfaction with the volume of Western aid to Ukraine

stating that the supply of 50 tanks would not tip the scales

and would not resolve the Ukrainian crisis

because the Russian military has thousands of them.

Twitter blurred with critical comments by Zelensky

most notably.

One commenter wrote:

We finally got to the loop where the protagonist of

the series realizes the big problem he got caught up in.

Another added :

  • dragged him into a losing war in which he will not supply heavy weapons
  • and that he must quickly end this farce and preserve the lives of his people.

Another commented:

It looks like Zelensky will soon get

a worse deal than the Minsk Conventions of Ukraine.

Another wrote :

  • The West provides Ukraine with weapons
  • Russia destroys them, the same thing will happen with tanks
  • this is a waste of Western money.

Readers pointed out that the United States is a "great ally,"

not wanting to supply Ukraine with American "Abrams" tanks, but pressuring Germany to supply Kiev with "Leopard-2" tanks.

The issue of Ukraine's supply of Leopard tanks was a point of contention between NATO defence ministers during their meeting at the US base of "Ramstein" in Germany.

For his part

Germany's new Defence Minister

  • Boris Pistorius
  • pledged that Berlin would continue to 
  • onsider the issue of supplying Kiev with 2-Leopard tanks.


Russian forces will "grind" all western weapons in Ukraine

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stated that American statements about Ukraine's supply of long-range ATACMS missiles to attack Crimea are part of the psychological war.

Ryabkov explained to Russian agency Novosti that the talk of supplying such weapons to Ukraine by the West is "part of the psychological war, which in turn forms part of the Western hybrid war against Russia, led by the United States."

The West continued to fuel the conflict in Ukraine

despite all Russian warnings, noting that Ukraine's supply of arms and the escalation would have serious and unexpected consequences.

The Russian special military operation in Ukraine would in any event achieve its objectives, and all western weapons in Ukraine would be destroyed and grinded.


  • the Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee of
  • stated that the United States must supply Ukraine with


ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles to strike Crimean territory and defeat Russia.