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Trump DeSantis: Nominate You a Big Betrayal


Trump DeSantis: Nominate You a Big Betrayal

Former U.S. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, according to President Donald Trump,

run for president would be a big betrayal

after he began his first two major 2024 presidential campaign events.

Trump noted that DeSantis owes him help in securing the Republican nomination for governor in 2018. Because of that, DeSantis must reject the offer to run for President.

Trump said :

  • When I hear he might run
  • he considers it a big betrayal.
  • For many people it's not about loyalty, but for me, it's always about loyalty. 

If DeSantis runs, it's fine, I'm ahead in the polls.

He's going to have to do what he wants to do but he might run

and I think it would be a great act of disloyalty


you know, I got him in and he didn't have a chance and his political career ended," he added, pointing out that he hadn't spoken to DeSantis in a long time.

Relatively silent events..

Donald Trump begins campaign to return to the White House

Former US President Donald Trump began campaigning on Saturday for the first time since announcing his bid to return to the White House in 2024.

Donald Trump visited two early voting states

and ignored criticism that his rally was slow.


a Republican

told a small group of attendees at the Salem annual conference of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

before heading to Columbia, South Carolina

I'm more enraged and dedicated than ever right now.

Being among the first four states to host a presidential nomination process gives New Hampshire and South Carolina a significant advantage over other candidates.

Unlike Trump's often raucous gatherings in front of

thousands of worshippers, Saturday's events were relatively muted.

In Colombia :

  • with Governor Henry McMaster and U.S.
  • Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Previously, the indisputable center of gravity of the Republican Party

a growing number of elected officials expressed concerns about Trump's ability to defeat Democratic President Joe Biden, should he decide to run again as widely expected.

Many Republicans are considering whether to launch their own bids at the White House, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is widely seen as Trump's biggest threat.

Republican leaders in the two states that Trump visited on Saturday

Chris Sununu, the governor of New Hampshire, and Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, are among others who have studied politics.

Many high-ranking Republicans in New Hampshire

While Trump's triumph in 2016 solidified his position as a leading candidate, said they are looking for an alternative.

There were many obvious absences in South Carolina

including the state party chairman

several Republican representatives from the United States of America from the state

and U.S.

  • Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina
  • who was suggested as a prospective Republican contender for president
  • and Scott and others cited conflicting dates.

Several Republican state lawmakers decided not to

attend after failing to obtain assurances from the Trump team that doing so would not be considered an endorsement, according to a person with knowledge of planning.

At both stations on Saturday :

  • Trump repeated some of the topics that moved his first campaign
  • including criticism against illegal immigration and China
  • but also stressed social issues such as transgender rights

and school curricula about race

possibly in response to DeSantis

whose relentless focus on cultural wars helped build his national image.

Trump said:

We'll put an end to the far-left perverts and racists.

They are attempting to brainwash our children

and we'll free our kids from their Marxist grasp.

We will dismantle the cult of gender ideology and assert once more that God created men and women as two distinct genders. Women's sports will not be open to participation by men.

Trump did not spend much time discussing his complaints about the 2020 election, although he noted that the election had been stolen from him, calling it "ridiculous."

Since launching his campaign in November

Trump has maintained a relatively low profile

calling on several conservative Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives in the first week of January to convince them to support his comrade Kevin McCarthy for the position of president.

Most ignored his pleas despite McCarthy's election to the post after a major battle.

Trump certainly maintains a substantial base of support

especially among the grassroots

and while he loses in some direct polls against DeSantis, he wins by large margins when a wider range of options are offered to poll participants.