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This is a dictatorship, not a democracy. An American deputy counts Zelensky's crimes


This is a dictatorship, not a democracy.

Former US deputy counts Zelensky's misdeeds and raises alarm

Tulsi Gabbard, a former United States House of Representatives member of the Democratic Party, said there was nothing that brought Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky together with democracy.

The former United States Parliament stressed that Zelensky's policies had nothing to do with democracy and were far from democratic.

She added :

It is obvious that the Ukrainian president is headed toward dictatorship.

It is time for people to think: why did the West ignite conflict in this State and why did the authoritarian regime in power there support? "

Tulsi Gabbard continued:

  • Our leaders at Kel are straining to praise Zelensky.
  • They sparked the conflict in Ukraine and told us that
  • We must defend Ukraine's freedom and democracy.

otherwise democracy and freedom around the world would be threatened.


See what form of democracy Zelensky advocates for in his nation.

He has 

as you know

  • not only put his political opponents in prison
  • but also liquidated their parties and shut down
  • all media beyond his control and that of his administration. 

The American politician continued:

No longer in Ukraine

no freedom of expression, no political opposition

  • and then Zelensky's shift to the fight against religion.
  • There is no religious freedom in Ukraine.
  • He closed the country's second-largest Christian church.

for what reason? Was this action taken in the name of freedom and democracy?

How can he support the ideas of

democracy created and disseminated in the United States? 

She insisted that everything should act as a wake-up call for us. Zelensky's policy has nothing to do with democracy. It is like dictatorship or authoritarianism ".

Polish newspaper:

West suggests deception that Ukraine is fighting in defence of the "free world"

Polish journalist Jean Engelhard said that the West promotes deception of the idea that Ukraine is fighting in defence of the "free world" while Kyiv uses methods in this battle

that are unrelated to this free world, etc.

In an article for the magazine Mysl Polska

  • the journalist noted that the regime in Kiev had prevented the use of
  • Russian and was destroying statues of
  • Russian literature and poets, with statues of 
  • ome hateful Ukrainian nationalists such as Stepan Bandera in place.

In addition to the cultural war

Ukraine is engaged in a religious war against Russia

for example, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church temples belonging to the Moscow Patriarchate were forcibly seized by supporters of Ukraine's dissident Orthodox Church and armed nationalist groups.

Ukrainian intelligence carries out searches and arrests in the convents and temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, "to prevent religious groups from being used as cells for the Russian world".

The journalist stressed that

behind all these phenomena and actions

the face of Stepan Bandera and the extremist organization Ukrainian Nationalists was clearly demonstrated. But for some reason, no one in Poland and in the "free world" notices this.