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Trump urges Republicans to support McCarthy facing Pelosi scenario


Trump urges

Republicans to support McCarthy facing Pelosi scenario

Former US President Donald Trump urged Republicans to vote for GOP leader Kevin McCarthy in the House speaker's election

after voting for him 3 times failed.

Now is the time for the great Republican representatives of the House of Representatives to vote for Kevin, the former president wrote on his social network Truth.

He added:

Don't turn a great victory (midterm elections) into a giant and embarrassing defeat.

McCarthy failed in his first, second and third bid for Speaker on Tuesday.

  • The GOP majority leader announced that he would continue to
  • compete in the U.S. House of Representatives presidential election during
  • the scheduled fourth round on Wednesday
  • after failing in three rounds due to

  • disagreements among Republican representatives

while former President Donald Trump announced his support for him.

He would continue to compete for 

Position of Speaker of the House of Representatives

  • although he failed to garner the necessary votes during 3 rounds of voting
  • after 20 of his party's members revolted against him

In the first and second rounds

McCarthy secured 203 votes trailing Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries

whose candidacy was symbolic

but secured 212 full democratic votes

uniting his party behind him, while dividing the other side of the Council.

The election of the Speaker requires a majority of 218 votes, a threshold that Kevin McCarthy was unable to reach during the three rounds of voting.

Republican Party member Donald Trump was

  • and had a good relationship with the party in general.
  • The Republican National Committee supported it.
  • and several prominent Republican politicians

He worked with the Republican-controlled Congress to pass legislation and achieve policy goals.


it is important to note that not all members of the Republican Party support Trump or agree with his policies and actions.

From 2017 until 2021, Donald Trump served as president of the United States.

and a member of the Republican Party.

During his presidency, he pursued a number of policies and initiatives that were consistent with Republican Party principles, such as cutting taxes, rolling back regulations, and strengthening the military.


he also broke with some traditional Republican positions on

issues such as trade and immigration

and he was known for his controversial and divisive rhetoric and style.

Some members of the Republican Party were strong supporters of Trump and backed his policies and actions, while others were critical of him and disagreed with his approach.

Despite this

Trump was successful in winning the backing of

the Republican National Committee

and win the Republican nomination for president in 2016 and 2020.

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