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Trump was sounding the alarm about the incorrect type of "wolf" case.


Trump was :

sounding the alarm about the incorrect type of "wolf" case.

Many people were confused when Donald Trump said in a 2020 presidential debate with Joe Biden that "coyotes" bring illegal children into the country across the southern border. He may have inadvertently discovered a serious domestic threat.

The mediator had questioned :

  • the then President of the United States regarding migrant children separated
  • from their parents during the supervision of
  • his administration. Instead of addressing

the shortcomings of his program :

  • Trump merely tried to sow fear in potential voters
  • by emphasizing that "wolves" or human traffickers
  • brought children from Mexico, which is why it
  • was impossible to find their parents. Biden strongly denied this.

Among those puzzled by Trump's comment was Rep.

Dashon Kendrick (D-GA)

who has served as an actress at House District 93 since she was first elected in 2010. During the last debate in October 2020, she tweeted the following:

"Did realDonaldTrump just say 545 children who couldn't find their parents because they came through" cartels and quakes "?!

How the hell does a wolf bring a whole man across the border? Lord, stop talking. 

It was not just Kendrick who found the use of

vernacular vocabulary confusing. Many individuals seem to think that

Trump was referring to wild dogs hailing from wolves rather than human traffickers.

Until the comment was validated by USA Today.

This is not shocking given Trump's history of mistakes (some # covfefe, anyone?).

What's unexpected is that :

there may be some truth hidden deep in Trump's fictitious warning

about the fox associated with him. He would have had a point if he had used his demagogy to discuss these wild monsters instead of Mexican immigration and their assistants.

It does not mean that actual coyotes kidnap children

  • and transport them in large numbers across the border to
  • however it is true that coyote assaults do occur in the United States.
  • have become more frequent as we expand their scope.

In fact :

less than a month ago, I was bitten by a wild wolf who was fighting my dog.

In my position :

 a wolf arrived at the house's five-acre farm

by sneaking through the fence.

My dog stopped the wolf :

when he started chasing our horses and trying to find a way to get to our goats.

I was bitten by a wolf while trying to help my dog. I should have had 28 shots in total, 12 of which had to be administered directly in wounds, to rabies, tetanus, and other diseases.

I am one of the very few people a wolf bites every year

but since I live on a farm in the Southern California desert

it is easier to dismiss this incident as predictable and not as a serious problem that needs attention. Having said that, I am not the only one who recently encountered this usually dodgy dog.

Things are much worse in Seattle

Washington :

It's on the other side of the country. Apparently, reports

"urban coyotes"

terrorize the Beacon Hill neighborhood by assaulting pets

and even abducting people. Moreover, there are at least 100 coyotes in San Francisco, California, where sightings and aggressive behavior have increased since about 2002.