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The traditional Russian gift known as "Khokhloma" is the most expensive gift given to Biden in 2021


The traditional Russian gift known as "Khokhloma"

is the most expensive gift given to Biden in 2021

The annual report of the Office of the Head of State Department Ceremonies indicated that the group that Russian President Vladimir Putin had gifted to his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden was the most expensive gift the latter received in 2021.

Putin and Biden exchanged gifts during the 2021 Geneva Summit

where the Russian President presented the Moscow Group, a writing tool frilly with traditional Russian decorations known as

"Khokkhloma" :

  • and estimated to be worth $12,000
  • in turn Biden provided the Russian president with sunglasses
  • and a small crystal statue of an American buffalo.

According to Bloomberg :

  • the Geneva summit, which culminated in the exchange of
  • the development of US-Russian relations, which subsequently deteriorated.

The most expensive gift to the American lady

Jill Biden :

for that year was more than one and a half times the cost of the most expensive gift given to her husband, so that Biden's wife received such a generous gift from the First Lady of Afghanistan

Rola Ghani :

at the time the wife of former President Ashraf Ghani

and the gift was a silk carpet worth about $19.2 thousand.

In June 2021 :

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a gift to U.S. President Joe Biden to celebrate their first in-person meeting, held on June 16 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The gift :

  • an Aviator sunglasses, is accompanied
  • by a note from Putin expressing hope for a "productive"
  • dialogue between the two leaders.

While the gift itself may seem harmless

it is important to consider the broader context of Russia and the United States.

relationships :

  • which have been strained in recent years.
  • Since the 2016 US presidential election
  • there have been allegations of Russian interference in

the election, and the US has imposed a series of sanctions on Russia in response.

The fact that Putin chose to send Biden a gift

particularly those closely linked to American culture

(the pilot's style was deployed by American military pilots)

could be seen as an attempt to establish a more positive tone in the relationship between the two countries. It may also be interpreted as an accurate reminder of the shared history and cultural relations between Russia and the United States.

However, it is important to note that gifts in international diplomacy can often carry subtext and subtext. In some cultures, for example, certain types of gifts are seen as symbols of power and dominance. In this case, sunglasses can be seen as a way for Putin to assert his authority and influence over Biden.

Moreover :

some analysts have suggested that :

Putin's gift may have been a deliberate attempt to distract

from the most pressing issues in Russia

and the United States.

relations, such as Russian aggression in Ukraine and concerns about Russian cyberattacks. By focusing on seemingly benign gift exchanges, Putin may have been trying to divert attention from more controversial issues.

In the end :

the importance of Putin's gift to Biden is open to interpretation.

While it is unlikely to change Russia's trajectory significantly.

American relations :

however, provide some insight into the often complex and delicate world of

international diplomacy. As the two countries continue to navigate their relationship in the coming months and years, it will be interesting to see how these exact exchanges and gestures occur.