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DeSantis further involvement in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is not in America's interests



Increasing involvement in Ukraine-Russia regional dispute is

not among America's vital interests

Ron DeSantis, Florida's governor and a potential Republican presidential candidate, bucked many in his party when he declared that protecting Ukraine was not a "vital" national interest of the United States.

Answering questions from a questionnaire posted by Fox News

host Tucker Carlson on his Twitter account on Monday

DeSantis said:

There are numerous important national interests for the US.

safeguarding our borders and solving the military's readiness crisis

achieving energy security and independence

and reducing the economic

  • Chinese Communist Party's power in both the military and the arts
  • but greater involvement in the territorial dispute between Ukraine
  • and Russia is not one of them.

DeSants continued

Funding the administration of (US President Joe) Biden for this conflict on the basis of a

blank check in practice and as long as necessary , without any specific goals or accountability

distracts attention from the most pressing challenges in our country.

He emphasized that "peace must be the goal" for the United States and expressed his opposition to the dispatch of F-16 aircraft and long-range missiles to Ukraine.

DeSantis lines up with former President Donald Trump and against several congressional Republicans who supported Ukraine's aid.

Responding to a question from the same questionnaire

about whether addressing Russia in Ukraine was vital to the interests of the United States, Trump said: 

No, but it is for Europe. but not for the United States  .

On another side of the issue, other Republicans

  • led by Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Minority Leader
  • declared that Ukraine's defence was crucial to
  • protecting not only European but also American interests.

At the Munich Security Conference last month

McConnell said:

We are committed to helping Ukraine.

Not because of vague moral arguments or abstract ideas such as the so-called

"rules-based international order".

But because America's fundamental national interests are at stake

"he added:"

because both our economies and our security are intertwined.