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"Don't bite the hand that feeds you." Chinese warning to Elon Musk over coronavirus


"Don't bite the hand that feeds you."

Chinese warning to Elon Musk over coronavirus

A columnist for one of China's main government newspapers

billionaire American Elon Musk, has warned against pushing the theory that Covid-19 leaked from a lab in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

He hinted that such a suspension might prejudice his Tesla electric car company's relationship with its second largest market, China.

Ironically :

anti-China forces in the United States are once again amplifying rumors that

  • A lab leak in Wuhan is where the coronavirus first appeared.
  •  the article published Tuesday on the official WeChat account of
  • the Chinese newspaper Global Times said.

The columnist was referring to Musk's response to a tweet stating that Anthony Fauci, the US president's former chief medical adviser, had funded research at a laboratory in Wuhan.

A tweet from the Kanekoa The Great account asked whether Dr. Anthony Fuchi

the former National Institute of Allergy director

and Infectious Diseases, was involved in the development of COVID-19 because he funded research programs in the Wuhan laboratory.

Musk replied:

He did this through an EcoHealth passing organization

referring to the nonprofit group that received nearly $8 million in federal research grants to study coronaviruses of bats in China.

The Chinese :

Global Times article forewarned Musk that he

"break the bowl in China", which is similar to "don't bite the hand that feeds you", according to Eunice Yun of CNN BSC, which was the first to disclose the warning.

The newspaper also reported that the owner of the Tesla electric vehicle factory maintains a factory in Shanghai, China, which is the company's second largest market.

The U.S. Recently, the Department of Energy found that "COVID-19"

likely came from the Wuhan lab following a tragic accident, according to a secret intelligence report detailed in the Wall Street Journal.

China's relationship with Elon Musk was a rollercoaster journey

marked by cooperation and friction.

On the other hand, China has been a major market for Tesla

Musk electric vehicle company.

The country is the largest automotive market in the world, and Tesla has had great successes there, with the company's Model 3 becoming the best-selling electric vehicle in the country in 2020.

  • for China's ambitious clean energy goals and praised
  • the country's progress in renewable energy.

However :

the relationship between Musk and the Chinese authorities has not always been smooth.

In early 2021 :

Tesla faced backlash in China after a video of

a customer complaining about the quality of

his car went viral on social media. Chinese authorities launched an investigation into the matter, ordering Tesla to recall more than 285 000 vehicles due to safety concerns.

In addition :

Musk's Twitter candor has caught him in hot water with Chinese authorities in the past.

In 2019 :

Musk was criticized for liking a tweet that referred to Hong Kong protesters as

"fighting for freedom."

This angered Chinese nationalists who accused Musk of supporting separatism. Musk later apologized and explained his position on the matter.

Despite these challenges

Musk continued to express his commitment to China.

In a 2020 interview with Chinese media

Musk said he hoped to build Tesla's next Gigafactory factory in China and praised the country's potential to become a world leader in clean energy.

In conclusion :

China's relationship with Elon Musk has been complex

with both cooperation and conflict.

While Tesla has made significant progress in the Chinese market, the company has also faced challenges and criticism from Chinese authorities.

However :

Musk has shown continued interest in China and its potential for clean energy innovation, suggesting that the relationship between the two may continue to evolve in the coming years.