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AI warning.. It may be used to make biological weapons


AI warning..

It may be used to make biological weapons

Experts in artificial intelligence have warned that accelerating the development of such intelligence could lead to serious risks comparable to the threat of terrorists using technology to make biological weapons.

The Washington Post said the three AI leaders :

  • while testifying at a congressional hearing
  • warned that a significant acceleration in the development of
  • AI could lead to serious damage over the next few years
  • matching terrorists using technology to make biological weapons.

The paper quoted a professor of :

artificial intelligence at the University of Montreal :

known as one of the parents of modern artificial intelligence science

Yoshua Bengyu :

  • as saying that the United States
  • should lead international cooperation plans to
  • legalize and use artificial intelligence
  • and regulate the use of nuclear technology globally.

The fear of sophisticated AI lies in its potential to beused to

produce dangerous viruses and other biological weapons in less than two years.

For his part :

  • UC Berkeley computer science professor Stuart Russell said
  • artificial intelligence is difficult to fully understand
  • and control how it works compared to other technology technologies.

According to the paper :

the hearing demonstrated the magnitude of concerns about AI going beyond human intelligence and out of control to harm humanity, which has become a reality rather than a scientific fantasy.

In the past six months :

however :

  • have begun moving to warn the world of the accompanying fears
  • urging politicians to pay attention to these threats as one of
  • the reasons why governments need to legislate.

The hearing takes place days after AI companies including OpenA

Alphabet, Google Sellers and Meta made voluntary commitments to the White House last week to implement measures such as watermarking AI-generated content to help make technology safer.