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Kardashian panics over "girl ghost" behind her photo!


Kardashian panics over "girl ghost" behind her photo!

American reality TV star Kim Kardashian posted

a photo that horrified her as a woman's shadow appeared.

Kim Kardashian posted on her Instagram account, a photo she took of herself

captioning it by saying :

I took this photo last week when I was alone, and now I'm browsing my phone.

I am afraid of noticing a woman (a woman's imagination) in the window .

A large number of followers commented on the photo sarcastically, with one saying: "This is Courtney (her sister).. She wants revenge for her wedding, 

while one commented :

This is Courtney living her nice lifestyle. 

One fan joked:

  1. American horror story
  2. the Kardashians
  3.  while one wrote: It's a ghost.

What you don't know about Kim Kardshian

Kim Kardshian is an actress :

reality TV star, model and American businesswoman

  • and is one of the most controversial
  • and influential characters on the media
  • because of her scandalous images she publishes.

Kim Kardshian's biography

Kim Kardshian is an American actress :

reality TV star and model, and is one of the most influential

and controversial characters on social media.

She gained global fame because of her personal life, many of which were recorded in the 2007 reality TV series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

To become one of the most affluent businesswomen as a result of launching a number of clothing, perfume and makeup lines, and signing fashion marketing deals

its net worth is $350 million.

Kim Kardshian's beginnings :

Cardchen was born 21-10-1980 in Los Angeles


  • Her father is the late lawyer "Robert Kardchian"
  • whose origins are the third-generation Armenian American
  • while her mother Chris Howton's origins are Dutch-Scottish.

She has three Rob brothers, Kourtney and Chloe.

I studied Kardshian at Marymount High School in Los Angeles.

Her parents divorced in 1991, and her mother remarried that same year with two non-sisters from her mother's second marriage, Kylie and Kendall.

She received attention from the media in 2004 because of

  1. her friendship with Paris Hilton.
  2. But she received greater attention
  3. and wider fame in 2007

when a scandalous sex tape

was leaked to her with her ex Ray G, filmed in 2003.

This happened before she entered

the world of television via the reality TV series

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians", which monitors her life and family in all its details on E! American. The program has achieved overwhelming success and Kardshian has become famous.

Kim Kardshian's personal life

Kardashian celebrates a busy love life

marrying three times in 2000 to the music producer Damon Thomas

until their story ends in divorce in 2004.

The second marriage took up :

the entire world because of its legendary party and tragic end.

  • He was a basketball player
  • Chris Humphries, on 20 August 2011
  • to end the divorce after only 72 days.

In 2012 :

  • she announced that she was pregnant with rap icon Kanye West
  • where they had been dating for a while. In 2013
  • she gave birth to her first child, Northwest

and that :
same year she and Kanye West were engaged on her 33rd birthday

and were officially married in Florence

Italy :

  • on 24 May 2014. She gave birth to another child
  • after which in 2015 she was named "Sint"
  • and later she (a surrogate mother)

gave birth to a girl she called "Chicago". In terms of Kim Kardshian's religion, beliefs and community of origin, she was born into a Catholic Christian family.

Facts about Kim Kardshian

  • PETA put it in the worst dress list for fur.
  • She was also awarded Best Ass 2009.
  • She was awarded Best Person of the Year and Most Stylish in 2011.

Kim Kardshian's most famous statement

To feel and look better, I monitor my calories and exercise.