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Putin: Kiev suffered tens of thousands of deaths in its counterattack


Putin :

Kiev disappointed its Western sponsors

and suffered tens of thousands of deaths with its counter-attack

President Vladimir Putin :

  • confirmed at the Russian Security Council meeting that
  • Ukraine's counter-attack killed tens of thousands of
  • Ukrainian soldiers and disappointed Western Kiev regime herders.

The most important :

thing Putin said during this meeting:

  • The leadership of the Russian military operation
  • operates professionally and performs its functions stable
  • while western "luxury" and "Sundea" equipment
  • sometimes outpaced by Soviet (old) weapons, burns.

Putin :

The West's capabilities do not allow Kiev's consumption of arms and ammunition to be compensated, they need time and resources, and Ukraine's human resources are on the way to depletion.

The Ukrainian forces have suffered tens of

  1. thousands of
  2. heavy casualties since
  3. the start of their counter-attack.

Supplying weapons, mercenaries and military advisers to

the West Kiev does not help Ukraine to violate the Russian army's front.

The Ukrainian's :

attitude is changing slowly and gradually, as is the case in Europe.

The Kiev regime is prepared to do anything to keep it going without paying attention to the fate of its citizens and will trade anything.

Poland has acquired much of its territory thanks to Stalin's position

and here they forget everything, but we remind them.

On the plans for Polish-Lithuanian contact, the Russian President said: "This is done for the purpose of the subsequent occupation of Ukraine's territory.

Eastern European leaders' ambitions fuel raging war

  1. The West can supply
  2. Kiev with more weapons
  3. but this can only prolong the conflict.

Putin stressed that supplying weapons :

mercenaries and military advisers to

the West of Kiev would not help its forces penetrate the Russian army front, which generated frustration among Kiev's western herdsmen

and was reflected in the results of the Ukrainian counter-attack.

Politico :

"Reached the torrent in the Ukrainian army"

The newspaper "Politico" :

  • citing a Ukrainian military doctor, wrote that
  • the inconvenience between Kiev troops had reached a point
  • and could lead to civil confrontations in Ukraine
  • given the discrimination in the market for recruits to serve.

The article continues :

"I will not hide the fact that discontent is growing in the ranks of the army, and some soldiers have begun to wonder why some Ukrainians are fighting while others are not."

According to the military :

if the Government of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky :

does not initiate changes on the participation of all Ukrainians in the fighting, this could lead to conflicts in the country, as soldiers are dissatisfied with the injustice associated with not serving all citizens in the army or contributing in one way

or another to its support .

The article further noted that Kiev's soldiers were morally and physically overwhelmed

as a number of them had been on the front lines for more than a year.