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Russia promised to respond.. What is the difference between Russian and American cluster munitions?


Russia promised to respond..

What is the difference between :

Russian and American cluster munitions?

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that Russia had a response to United States cluster munitions if they were handed over to Ukraine.

Noting that Russian cluster munitions

were more effective and diverse than American ones :

he added that the United States had cluster munitions for aircraft and artillery, including rocket-launchers, but were less diverse than in the Russian military.

What are Russian cluster munitions different from

those of the United States?

  • United States cluster munitions were designed in the Cold War era
  • and were reserved for manpower
  • and Warsaw Treaty States' armoured weapons.

It was used by the United States military in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, where its vast quantities, which continue to threaten the peaceful population, did not explode.

Soviet cluster munitions were intended to :

  • destroy armoured vehicles and fortified installations
  • as well as to plant remote minefields.
  • Practically every munition has a self-detonating function.

One of the most recent cluster munitions in the possession of

the Russian army is the Drill (drill) :

bomb weighing 540 kg.

  • The bomb includes 15 small-scale self-directed
  • ammunition dedicated to the destruction of armoured
  • fortified engineering facilities
  • radars, air defence and command posts.

One of the advantages of

the bomb is to provide its components

with an identification system for friend and stranger.

  • The bomb could be detached from the fuselage of
  • the aircraft carrying it 30 kilometres from
  • the target to be destroyed

and hovered in the atmosphere on the basis of

  • the Glonas" signal for astronautics.
  • Each element of the bomb has a head that responds to
  • self-directed infrared or radar light
  • enough to destroy any armoured

and concrete installations, especially airport runways.

In addition to the "drill" :

the Russian army has 500kg high explosive bombs containing 126

small-scale ammunition.

Each ammunition weighing 2.5 kilograms has a severe fragmented effect on

light armour and manpower deployed on exposed Earth

hiding in trenches and in the Earth's terrain.

The "ERP Ka-500"

  • bomb is specially designed to destroy concrete targets
  • including airports, auto-trade roads

The bomb contains 10 :

elements from which each element opens its own umbrella and falls on the target vertically, and then an engine pushes it to reach the speed necessary to penetrate a concrete installation.