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Biden: White supremacy has no place in America



White supremacy has no place in America :

US President Joe Biden stressed that "white supremacy has no place in America" in a statement issued following the killing of 3 African Americans in Jacksonville, Florida.

Biden mourned the victims of

the shooting (two men and a woman)

saying that

  • "hatred must not have a safe haven" in the United States
  • noting that "the shooting came on
  • the sixtieth anniversary of the march to Washington

a momentous moment in our history :

and in our work to achieve equal opportunities for all Americans.

But today another American community ended up

injured as a result of an act of armed violence. 

We must refuse to live :

in a country where families of African descent go to :

  • the store or students of African descent
  • who go to school in fear of being shot because of

and we must not remain silent .

Even as we continue to seek answers

we must clearly say that white supremacy has no place in America.

Attorney General Merrick

Garland confirmed in a separate statement that

the Department of Justice was "investigating this attack as a crime"

hatred :

and an act of racially motivated violent extremism .

No one in this country should live in fear of hate-fuelled violence

and no family should mourn the loss of a loved one due to intolerance and hatred.

The march to

Washington or the Freedom March is one of :

the most important demonstrations to defend :

the civil and economic rights of :

African Americans, at which Martin Luther King delivered

his historic "I Have a Dream" speech calling for an end to racism.

Mass shootings have become alarmingly :

common throughout the United States, with the procurement of

firearms facilitated in most states and an increasing number relative to citizens.

According to :

"Gun Violence Archive", the number of mass shootings in

the United States this year exceeds the indicators of the past 10 years.

Several people killed in store shooting in Jacksonville

Florida (Video)

Several people were shot dead Saturday inside a Dollar General store in Jacksonville

Florida, U.S. media said.

Mayor Donna Deegan told the television station "WJXT"

that "there are a number of deaths inside the store"

but did not give a specific number.

This is unacceptable.

One-time shootings are too many

but these mass shootings are very difficult to sustain. 

The media

reported that several police officers were in

the area near Edward Waters University.

For her part

  • Jokobi Bateman, a Jacksonville City Council member
  • described the incident as a tragedy
  • and said she believed the suspect was killed.

News Nishon reported that the shooting

at Jacksonville's Dollar General store killed 4 people.

Today's shooting :

took place 5 years after a gunman opened fire during

a video game tournament in Jacksonville, killing two people before shooting himself.