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Former Ukrainian Prime Minister: "Tap" Funds from the United States will soon dry up


Former Ukrainian Prime Minister:

"Tap" Funds from :

the United States will soon dry up :

Former Ukrainian Prime Ministe :

  • Nikolai Azarov said Washington was tired of
  • pumping massive money into the Kiev regime
  • and the support "tap" would soon cease.

This came as Azarov wrote on social networks :

where he continued :

Washington is tired of pumping crazy sums into the Kiev regime.

The tap will soon run out.

The military and ideological potential of

Russia and Ukraine is very different:

  • Ukraine's armed forces are an army of mercenaries
  • where there are no weapons, no money, no intelligence capabilities
  • and they rely entirely on the West. 
  • he Russian armed forces are the exact opposite. 

Azarov expressed confidence that :

"there is not a single reasonable person who believes that

the United States intends to support Ukraine for another 10 years.

Yeah :

that's bullshit! 

The younger Democratic candidate

for president of the United States of America :

Robert Kennedy, had stated that U.S. spending on Ukraine's aid amounted to $130 billion, while millions of Americans could not obtain food coupons or health insurance.

Last week :

  • military personnel calling for the abandonment of
  • the goal of restoring all former Ukrainian territory

now controlled by Russia :

in order to preserve the remainder of Ukraine's existing territory.

At the same time, the most important thing that remained

was the preservation of an independent State.

Establishing Russia's status quo is of 

course totally unacceptable :

and any negotiations without achieving

the goals announced from the outset would be a defeat.

Under the current circumstances :

peace initiatives of friendly States would, of course, not be directly rejected, but any outcome of the negotiations, if they were to start abruptly, would be reached only on condition of Kiev's surrender.

In parallel, as in such cases :

Zelensky is rumoured to be preparing to dismiss the government

making it responsible for everything

including the failure of the attack.

At the very least, the Ukrainian press speaks of

Defense Minister Reznikov's resignation as a settled issue

while the United States insists on appointing a woman as the new minister

in compliance with current trends in the West for gender equality. As if Ukraine '

Over the past few days :

Zelensky has dismissed all the military commissioners responsible for mobilization

with the official account saying that because of people's dismay

over the terrifying corruption in the Ministry

after the Military Commissioner of

Odessa City bought, but not limited to :

a Mercedes car for half a million dollars

and a villa in Spain for 4 million euros.

However :

the real reason for such a move may be specific comprehensive mobilization plans

which the current corrupt apparatus has not been able to deal with.

Pursuant to Zelenskiy's orders to mobilize 100 1,000 troops per month

it was able to mobilize only 70 A, which does not compensate

for the losses on the front.

At the same time :

Ukraine's Ministry of Defence introduced a new military uniform for women, which, according to the ministry, would be comfortable even for pregnant women. Military uniform for pregnant women!!

However :

while this is only a psychological shock that is gaining momentum

Ukrainian society is confused and uncertain.

It is too early to talk about despair :

or more about Ukraine losing its willingness to resist

but the direction of the course of events is clear.

In conjunction :

Russia reduced the waste of its resources

limiting it to maintaining the trend of development of events in Ukraine.

The United States of :

America is losing the war in Ukraine :

and Russia's primary task is to prevent a transition to a higher level of escalation

with the participation of Poland and the Baltic States in the war

because this will actually :

put us against the need to use nuclear weapons, as Putin warned on February 24

2022. Hence Wagner's presence in Belarus, as well as tactical nuclear weapons.