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"They mooded his toilet." Chemistry student poisons his neighbors in an unthinkable way


"They mooded his toilet."

Chemistry student poisons his neighbors in an unthinkable way

A PhD student in the Florida :

  • Department of Chemistry manufactured a toxic chemical
  • and slammed it under the door of
  • his neighbor's house "because it muddies his mood."

The 36-year-old student

Lee "Xuming Li"

used a laboratory on the campus of the University of

  • South Florida to equip the toxic mixture
  • injecting it into the neighbour's house through
  • a crack in the outside door of the apartment.

Signs of fatigue began to show

the victim's neighbour and his family

even taking his baby girl to hospital.

The situation provoked suspicion among the neighbour

Omar Abdullah :

especially after repeatedly complaining about smelling bad at his home

and he placed a surveillance camera at his door.

The shock

was when the actor was discovered :

  • with footage showing the student carrying an injection
  • before bending and injecting a substance
  • believed to be a mixture of powerful opioid painkillers

such as methadone and hydrocodone, under the door of the house.

Abdullah says he :

his pregnant wife and their young daughter moved to the complex in June 2022

and lived in the apartment above the student's apartment.

Soon :

he began sending angry text messages to his new neighbors

complaining that he could not sleep because of the sound of

the toilet water. Soon after

the family

suddenly began experiencing unexplained seizures of nausea and vertigo.

Abdullah recalled :

Look at my daughter. Her eyes were full of tears.

She wasn't crying, but her eyes were full of tears .

A family friend :|

first noticed a chemical smell while

he was bringing them a package while on vacation.

Abdullah then also noticed the smell, and suspected a problem with his water heater.

However :

the stench continued even after replacing the device

  • and cleaning air channels and vents.
  • In a desperate attempt to find a solution
  • he contacted the fire department

which conducted the tests but found nothing wrong.

The victim placed a hidden camera

at the door and was shocked by the scene, where Abdullah says:

We were shaking.

We can't imagine that he would come and do something

"he said, noting that he looked like an" ordinary young man. "

He immediately evacuated

  • the apartment and contacted the police
  • who arrested Lee and charged him with a series of charges
  • including possession of a controlled hazardous substance.

He was then released on bail and is due to appear in court next December 5.

The Owners' Union's attempt to evict Lee and his roommate continues.

For its part

the University of South Florida said in a statement: 

The safety and well-being of the University of

South Florida community is our highest priority.

The University of

  • South Florida Chemistry Department
  • has several safeguards in place to ensure that
  • all chemicals and other university-owned substances

are properly accounted for for and used for teaching and research purposes ".

The University of :

Southern Florida's chemistry laboratories

do not contain chemicals classified as controlled substances in Schedule II

which include hydrocodone and methadone.