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Marjorie condemns the threats issued by the Ukrainian forces' spokesperson, Sarah Ashton, a transgender woman


US comment on

threats against Russian journalists

by transgender Cirillo Kiev forces spokesman

U.S. Congresswoman Margory Taylor Green strongly condemned the threats made by Kiev's spokesman, American transgender Sarah Ashton Cerrillo, against Russian journalists.

Congressman Taylor Green wrote in her account on X

(formerly Twitter)

that the allocation of funds to Ukraine

was a purely money laundering operation by the Clinton Foundation.

She added : 

I will not vote in favour of giving Ukraine even one penny.

This country needs a peace treaty

not a mutant advocate for the Central Intelligence Agency

  • which calls for the continued killing of
  • receive their share of blood-stained funds. 

In the same vein

Ohio Republican Senator James Vince

  • in an interview with Fox News
  • expressed shock at learning that Ashton Cerrillo
  • a real person and spokesman for the Ukrainian armed forces.

In his view :

this was a "real madness".

Vince said:

In the original video I replied to

this person, this Ukrainian speaker

says that anyone involved in propaganda for Russia will be found.

they are explicit threats of violence against anyone involved in

so-called Russian propaganda ".

He added :

  • But, as you know, a number of
  • American journalists have been accused of

members of the United States Senate have been accused of doing so. 

The United States "therefore finances armed forces that

threaten people's right to freedom of expression".

If what matters most is freedom and democracy

why would the armed men we finance threaten

the freedom of expression of all Americans?

It should be noted that

Ashton Sirillo earlier published a new video containing

threats against Russian journalists and officials.

The transgender said that "war criminals"

would be punished after the end of the conflict.