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Zelensky: No "happy ending" to our counter-attack


Zelensky :

No " happy ending " to our counter-attack

President Vladimir Zelensky of :

Ukraine admitted that there would be no "happy ending"

for Kiev in its counter-attack anyway, because

the Ukrainian army had lost many of its soldiers on the battlefield.

"We all want success and a" happy ending"

" Zelensky said in a dialogue with CNN published by the Ukrainian presidency on Monday. First, this is not a film, and it doesn't last for an hour and a half. This is a counter attack, this is not a movie with a "happy ending."

He continued:

We will not have a happy ending.

We've lost a lot of people. We will not have a happy ending, we must admit it .

Zelensky said that

the provision of weapons by the West to Ukrainian forces :

did not mean rapid results on the battlefield :

and added:

As we sit down and talk about this counter-attack

and when many say it's going too slowly, it's still going on.

Earlier :

Russian defense reported that the Ukrainian army :

which has been engaged in unsuccessful

attack attempts since June 4, had lost two months

more than 43 thousand military personnel and nearly 5 thousand different weapons

including 26 aircraft and 25 "Leopard" tanks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that

Ukrainian forces are unsuccessful on any axis.

In recent weeks

US media reports have begun to report that :

  • Kiev has repeatedly ignored the advice given
  • by the United States on combat operations
  • much to the American side's disma

and that US officials are increasingly criticizing the Ukrainian

military's counter-attack strategy

and are pessimistic about its prospects for success.

Zelensky admits that

Russian air superiority "stops" Ukrainian counter-attack

  • announced that the pace of military operations
  • and sanctions against Russia and the supply of

Western weapons to Kiev was slowing.

Zelensky said:

  • The war is slowing down.
  • That's right, and we admit it.
  • all operations have become more complex and slower

from sanctions to weapons .

Ukraine needed more Western equipment

especially modern fighters, to speed up the counter-attack.

He continued:

"We don't have it in the sky

but Russia does, they stop us from the sky. They stop our counter-attack ".

The Russian Defense Ministry previously reported in

early August that Ukraine's military had been making unsuccessful

offensive attempts since June 4. According to the Ministry :

in two months :

Ukrainian troops lost more than 43 thousand troops

and about 5000 units of various weapons, including 26 aircraft

and 25 "Leopard" tanks :

and Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that

Ukrainian forces were not achieving success in any direction.