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Hebrew: Biden's support for Israel strengthens Trump's election "fortunes"



Biden's support for Israel

strengthens Trump's election "fortunes"

Hebrew website calcalist said in an article Monday that U.S. President Joe Biden's support for Israel strengthens former President Donald Trump ahead of the election.

According to the website, recent polls show a lead for the former president in five key states won by Biden in 2020.

The Hebrew website Calcalist noted that

the current President's weaknesses were his handling of the economy

his ageing and his support for fighting in Gaza

stressing that

the biggest gap serving Trump was the economy.

Two polls released earlier

this week showed Joe Biden trailing former President Donald Trump

amid public concerns about the economy

and divisions in the Democratic Party over the Gaza War

reducing Biden's chances of winning another term in the 2024 election.

A poll conducted by

The New York Times in conjunction

with Siena College revealed that Biden (80) is trailing Trump (77) in five of

the six key states, citing voters' doubts about his handling of

economic issues and questions about his fitness because of his ageing

and is exacerbated by resentment over other issues such as Israel's war with Hamas.

A separate CBS News poll also found that

more voters thought they

would be better off financially if Trump won the election.

The poll also revealed that Democrats' support

for Biden fell short of Republicans' support for Trump.

The Hebrew website reported that voters in the United States tended to

attach greater importance to economic issues than to foreign policy.


both polls indicated dissatisfaction with Biden's handling of

a range of issues, including national security.

Voters on the economy said they trusted Trump more than Biden

with 59 percent supporting Trump versus 37 percent for the measure.

If the presidential election were held today

Biden would lose to Trump by 3% to 10% in the key states of Arizona

Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania, according to the New York Times poll.

In particular

views are divided in the Democratic Party on the war between Israel and Hamas

where younger voters and those of

African descent abandon President Biden

and reduce his chances of winning another term.

The New York

Times poll also found that demographic groups that

supported Biden by large margins in 2020 reduced their support for him

and two :

thirds of voters believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Voters under the age of

30 showed only 1 per cent preference for Biden.

Biden faces considerable pressure from some Democrats demanding support

for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

after he expressed support for Israel's efforts to eliminate Hamas in

Gaza after the October 7 operation.

At the same time

Biden repeatedly urged Israel to respect international

law and do more to prevent innocent victims.

The war

has entered its 31st day since the start of

Operation Deluge al-Aqsa, as the Israeli army continues to bomb

the Gaza Strip against international fears of

a widening conflict in the Middle East.

The Palestinian Ministry of

Health in the Gaza Strip announced that the death toll had risen to 10022

more than half of them children, while more than 20 thousand others were injured.

On the Israeli side

more than 1,500 people were killed

including hundreds of military personnel.