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Musk: The lack of munitions in the United States due to Ukraine's support is "alarming"



The lack of munitions in the United States due to

Ukraine's support is "alarming"

Elon Musk

considered it disturbing that the United States was unable to solve

the problem of missile shortages in its warehouses

owing to munitions deliveries to Ukraine.


businessman David Sachs wrote in his "X" account:

that the reference to

missile shortages due to growing demand in Ukraine

began a year ago, and since then the United States

has not been able to solve this problem yet.

Sachs wrote:

The decline in industrialization

has weakened America's military capabilities

while the motivation of policymakers to fight new

wars has increased more than ever.

Musk commented on the post: "Worrying."

It had previously been reported that the US

military industrial complex faced difficulties in

replenishing its stockpiles of

ammunition due to

its supply to Ukraine, and more recently the situation was exacerbated

by the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

An article in The Hill noted that

"demand for weapons has demonstrated the limited ability of

the United States to replenish its stockpiles and that

military manufacturing companies face difficulties in meeting demands".

Ukrainian Forces Fear 

"War Reaches Rolls" Due To US Aid Decline

A number of Ukrainian military personnel expressed fear that

turning the attention of the United States to Israel's support

would give Russia the 

"opportunity to make significant gains"

on the battlefield.

The Daily Beast quoted a Ukrainian military with the call mark


as saying that

 Ukraine will receive assistance from partners

but because of the conflict in the Middle East

there will be much less

otherwise the war [will] reach rolls.

Without the support of the United States

and other countries

we will have to withdraw.

The situation in the Middle East makes

the Ukrainian army nervous about possible shortages of supplies

 a military doctor named "Hound" told the newspaper.

He added:

We continue to rely on them (military assistance)

we cannot produce enough weapons and ammunition systems

and any other conflict that requires financial supplies and assistance

especially the United States, the current situation poses a major threat.

Since June 4

the Ukrainian army has been trying to launch unsuccessful attacks

as Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu reported on October 30. 

During this time

Kiev lost more than 90 thousand soldiers between dead and wounded

 as well as about 600 tanks

and 1.9 thousand armoured vehicles of

various categories." and, according to the Russian Minister of Defence

Ukraine has failed to achieve any significant tactical successes.