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Tesla's nightmare. Musk Company "Digging Its Grave" with Cybertruck!

Tesla's nightmare.

Musk Company "Digging Its Grave"

with Cybertruck!

Elon Musk fears Tesla is "digging its own grave" through Cybertruck

with some experts claiming it would be cheaper

for the company to

cancel production of the stainless steel car altogether.

The first Cybertrucks is due to be officially launched next week

after years of unveiling the unconventional-shaped car in 2019.


Tesla's chief executive, blamed the production delay on

battery prices and the decision to cover the future

looking car with stainless steel alloy.

He said:

We dug our own

grave using Cybertruck.

It is one of

those special products that only comes once every long time.

It is therefore extremely difficult to

bring to the market and to achieve prosperity. "


revealed that it would take 12 to 18 months of  fatigue

sweat and tears" to reach the required volume of production.

Industry experts said that

part of the Cybertruck problem was that

it was designed for a "non-existent" market. 

Eric Noble

president of The CarLab

a consulting firm for automotive products and design


"The very obvious problems with Cybertruck relate to the same concept.

The market was not asking for a stainless steel finishing

or a strange side view.

 these are all answers to a question not posed by the pickup market ".

The first Cybertrucks are scheduled to be presented to customers on November 30

in a special live-streamed event at Tesla Gigafactory in Austin


with Musk introduced.


revealed that full mass production of

the car will not begin until 2024.

Up to 1.5 million buyers are believed to

have already paid $100 to book the Cybertruck.

It is not clear when these buyers will receive their vehicles

as the offer forms go to the stores.

Cybertruck has an estimated battery range of up to 500 miles

and will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

Musk blamed battery supply

problems for the vehicle's repeated delays

saying each Cybertruck

would have cost $1 million if it had gone on sale in 2021.