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Kamala Harris presents a vision of Gaza after the war with 5 loyalties.

 Kamala Harris 

presents a vision of Gaza 

after the war with 5 loyalties.

The United States Vice

-President noted that while America supported Israel's "legitimate 

military objectives" in Gaza, the suffering of civilians was very high

and it raised expectations for the post-conflict phase.

Kamala Harris

at a press conference during the COP28 Climate Summit in Dubai: 

Where key leaders in the region met on the sidelines of the summit

noted that she had spoken to them in depth on Saturday about 

the expectations the United States would have for post-conflict planning.

Harris told reporters that

 she and :

 U.S. President Joe Biden :

were already in discussions with the national security team 

and their partners in the region about what the future path of 

Gaza and the West Bank might look like.

Five principles were

 currently guiding their approach: 

no forced displacement of the Palestinian people, no reoccupation of Gaza

no blockade, no reduction in territory

and no use of

 Gaza as a platform for terrorism.

Harris noted that in

 her talks with Arab leaders in Dubai

she "specifically proposed three areas of focus"

noting first the reconstruction of Gaza's critical infrastructure

then the strengthening of the Palestinian Authority's security services and


the revitalization of the Palestinian Authority's governance structure.

Harris said: 

When this conflict ends, Hamas will not be able to control Gaza

and Israel must be safe. 

Palestinians need a hopeful political horizon

economic opportunity and freedom, and the wider region 

must be integrated and prosperous. We must work towards this vision. 

While Israel defends itself

it is important to defend itself. 

The United States is unequivocally clear:

international humanitarian law must be respected. 

Too many innocent Palestinians have been killed. 


the scale of civilian suffering, photos and videos coming from Gaza

is devastating. It's really heartbreaking. "

"As Israel continues to achieve its military objectives in Gaza

we believe Israel must do more to protect innocent civilians."

The Pentagon

does not rule out Israel's

 strategic defeat in the Gaza Strip

Speaking at the Reagan

 National Defense Forum held these days in California

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said Israel 

could face a strategic defeat in the Gaza Strip.

The Minister added:

In this type of fighting

the civilian population is the centre of gravity. 

If you push them into 

the arms of the enemy

you will replace the tactical victory with a strategic defeat. 

According to him

the Israeli army could win the battle against Hamas only 

if Israeli forces performed the main task of preventing civilian deaths 

and acting to protect them in the Gaza Strip.

Last Friday

the Israeli army officially announced renewed fighting

speaking of the "reactivation of fire" in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF spokesman

for Arab media Avichai Edray claimed that 

"Hamas violated the agreement and fired shells into Israeli territory"

announcing that the IDF had 

"reactivated the fire against Hamas in the Gaza Strip."