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Tesla reveals its new generation of robots


Tesla :

reveals its new generation of robots

The American company

Tesla has revealed its newer generation of

Optimus robots

that it develops to perform various tasks to help people.

The company noted that

the new Optimus Gen 2 robots were equipped with engines

cables and sensors developed by its experts, and could walk 30%

faster than the previous Optimus robots, weighing about 10 kilograms less

with improved balance capabilities.

The Gen 2 robot shares

a similar shape as the original Optimus

but with new hands and feet, it is more agile and dexterous.


the robot's vision system has been improved

which improves its ability to see and interact with its environment.

Manufacturing: Optimus Gen 2 is capable of doing a variety of

manufacturing operations, including welding, painting

and assembling.


The robot is capable of independently navigating

warehouses and moving cargo for use in logistics and delivery.

Personal help:

Optimus Gen 2 can be configured to help people

with everyday duties like running errands and cleaning the house.

Videos circulating online

show that these robots are able to move parts of

their structures in different directions

are able to bend and make movements resembling

sports movements carried out by humans

and are making

more complex movements with the help of their arms.

Tesla had previously indicated that

Optimus robots undergo comprehensive training

using artificial intelligence technologies that can perform new tasks

such as sorting things independently.

According to the information available

Tesla plans to use these robots in its manufacturing processes and

after verifying their capabilities, will put some of their models up for sale.