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The Washington Post publishes Biden's worst actions and decisions in 2023


The Washington Post publishes

 Biden's worst actions and decisions in 2023

Washington Post writer Mark Thiessen compiled a list of 

the worst actions and decisions of US President Joe Biden in 2023.


Biden's statement was his intention to re-run for a new term in 2024.

 He confirmed that Biden had become the least popular U.S.

 president since the end of World War II.

"A Monmouth University poll in October found that 76% of

 respondents thought he was too old to run for another term

and a CNN poll in August showed that 67% of Democrats 

wanted someone else to be their party's nominee."

Biden's intention to run for president compels him to face

 revenge between him and former US President Donald Trump.

The journalist stressed that 

the majority of Americans do not want such elections. 

The current US president's decision increases 

Trump's chances of winning the presidency.

Thiessen also cited delays in arms supplies to Ukraine

 and his treatment of the migration crisis on the country's southern

 border as Biden's worst move in 2023. He noted that the situation

 there had "become worse under his leadership."

The writer did not ignore

 the United States' purchases of uranium from Russia

which tripled by the end of the year. Such actions 

would only increase Washington's reliance on Moscow.

In 2023, Biden

 "allowed Iran to attack US troops with impunity."

 He also recalled the shooting down of a Chinese balloon

which allegedly could collect intelligence information. 

Thiessen confirmed that the President had allowed this to happen.

He also criticized Biden for failing to control anti

Jewish protests in the country that began 

after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.