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IGR Sensor in Cars



IGR Sensor in Cars

In the engine world, there are many parts where the driver may not know about their presence or even their relevance in the car unless there is a failure that

 significantly affects their performance.

Many of us know that hybrid and fuel cars are equipped with

an exhaust system that helps reduce harmful gas emissions

and reduce fuel consumption

but what some don't realize is that this system includes an IGR sensor

or what is also known as an exhaust gas recycling valve. If you're curious

about how this sensor works and how important it is, now you're in the right place.

Sensor IGR

Let's now get to know the sensor of the IGR to take an idea of

its importance and the signs of a malfunction.

What is the sense of IGR

EGR is one of the most important parts of the exhaust system, reducing nitrogen oxide emission from combustion within diesel and petrol engines.

The emission reduction process is done when the mixed nitrogen oxide

with the air drawn by the motor is re-sent to the combustion chamber

which means less air arrives in the cylinders, reducing the combustion heat.

Utility Sensitive IGR

Some may think that the IGR sensitive business is only reducing nitrogen oxide emissions, but what many of us don't know is that this sensitive also helps reduce fuel consumption in cars.

Signs of IGR Sensor Malfunction

Over time, an EGR sensor malfunction may occur when carbon residues from waste gases are gathered, causing the valve to be closed or open all the time.

When there is a fault in the IGR sensor, the "engine inspection"

light will appear on the meters screen and the driver may notice signs of

a problem in this sensor such as increased fuel consumption

lower engine performance and smelling fuel.

How to Fix IGR Valve Failure

If one of the symptoms of IGR damage is observed, it is recommended to go to a reliable maintenance center to maintain or replace this piece when needed.

No IGR valve in the car

Although cars can operate without this sensitivity

its absence will increase carbon oxide emissions

and thus damage the environment. If the sensor does not work well

it means that more gases will be emitted into the air

so we do not recommend driving long distances without repairing it.