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Media.. "YouTube" punishes users of the feature skipping ads!


Media.. "YouTube"

 punishes users of the feature skipping ads!

YouTube users

trying to skip ads using the AdBlock browser extension, say the platform

 retaliates by stifling the performance of their computers, PCGamer reported.

Activating AdBlock in an attempt to avoid commercials before and while watching

the video on YouTube increased CPU usage by 17%, as found by a PCGamer reporter.

Subscribers of the ad-free YouTube Premium service

who used AdBlock on 

other websites, found that their computer performance is relatively low.

 Another writer at PCGamer noted an increase of up to 18% in CPU

usage despite paying for ad-free viewing privilege.


warns users that the use of ad blocking tools violates its terms of service

and recently began displaying pop-ups that require viewers to disable the browser extension.

 However, 60 million people use AdBlock alone

and browser extensions with similar functions abound.


Communications Director Christopher Luton contacted PCGamer 

after publishing their Linker article explicitly that the video platform

was responsible for the performance problem.

"The upload delays experienced by AdBlock and AdBlock Plus users are not caused

 by our efforts to detect the ad blocking tool," he told the site, which updated

its article to shift blame to AdBlock itself.

YouTube has long struggled

 with its users' efforts to avoid ads it shows before, during and after videos

 they would like to actually watch. Last year, the platform tried to limit

 ad blocking users to

 three videos before asking them to list the site, allowing it to run

 its ads despite the ban, or pay for YouTube Premium. 

Rejecting both options will leave visitors unable to view more content.

The platform acknowledged that it is conducting a "small experiment globally" 

on ad blocking users in a statement to The Verge, where it framed its demands

 as reasonable because "other publishers regularly ask viewers to disable ad blocking tools."

In November

YouTube was found to penalize users who use browser extensions that

 block ads by delaying the uploading of their videos for five seconds

a tactic Luton acknowledged in another statement to The Verge.

Users can expect to "continue to see problems like this as YouTube 

advertising blocking tools improve detection methods."