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Trump hints at his choice of vice president: "People won't be surprised."



 hints at his choice of vice president:

 "People won't be surprised."

Former US President Donald Trump hinted that he had decided on the identity of the person who would serve as vice president should he win the 2024 presidential election, stating that people would not be surprised by his choice.

Asked by Fox News chief political anchor Brett Baier in New Hampshire when he would decide who his deputy would be, Trump said, "It didn't have a major impact on the election. It's amazing, both in elections and in primaries. had no significant impact whatsoever ".

He added: "I may or may not decide something over the next two months. There's no rush for that. It will have no impact whatsoever. The person I think I like is a very good person. I think people won't be so surprised, but I would say there's probably a 25% probability of being this person. "

Asked if Senator Tim Scott, who dropped out of the Republican primary race in November and endorsed Trump, was on the list, Trump called the senator a "great man" while highlighting other political figures.

Many of Trump's allies have urged him to choose a woman as his running mate, proposing names such as Representative Elise Stefanik and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

Trump points to Ramaswamy's future role: 

He will work with us for a long time

Former US President Donald Trump cited a potential role in his team 

for rival Vivek Ramaswamy's presidential race after a disappointing

 finish in the Iowa caucuses.

At a rally in New Hampshire

Ramaswamy appeared alongside Trump and expressed his full support 

for the Republican frontrunner, saying: "There is no better choice in

 this race than this man here. That is why I ask you to do the right thing 

like New Hampshire and vote for Donald J. Trump as your next president. "

While Ramaswamy was concluding his comments

many Trump supporters could be heard chanting "Veep!," 

Short for US vice president.

Trump responded to Ramaswamy's remarks: "Wow! How was that? Very good

 right? He's a great guy. He has something very special because he started 

from nothing and ended up very strong. He did a great job. 

I was already surprised when he called me because he was in 

good shape. It is an honour for me to have his support. "

He added: 

"He will work with us and he will work with us for a long time."

The biotech entrepreneur himself reacted to the comments on social media

writing "America first. One move. indivisible ".

It is unclear whether Trump hinted at a potential position

 for Ramaswamy in his presidential campaign or the virtual Trump administration.

Ramaswamy announced his support for Trump after a disappointing turnout in

 the Iowa caucuses, where he finished fourth with nearly 8% of the vote

while the former president broke disputed primary records with 51% support.

In the first 

Republican primary, Florida's governor was estimated to

 have received about 21% of the vote, narrowly ahead of

 former UN delegate Nikki Haley, who received 19% of the vote.

In a statement from August 2023, Trump described Ramaswamy 

as a "young man of talent," adding: "He's a very, very, very smart person. 

He has good energy, and I think he'll be very good. "