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Trump: It's a great honour for me to have the support of Ron DeSantis.



It's a great honour for me to have the support of

 Ron DeSantis.

Former US President Donald Trump expressed his gratitude for receiving

 the support of Florida Governor Ron DeSants, who withdrew 

from the election race, stressing that this is a great honor.


 told Fox News on Sunday:

 "I am honored to have his support (DeSants). I look forward to working with him

 to defeat Joe Biden, the worst and most corrupt President in our country's history. "

The politician's campaign issued a statement calling on "all Republicans to unite

 behind Trump to defeat the corrupt Joe Biden 

and end his horrific term as


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Sunday evening that

 he was dropping out of the U.S. presidential race two days before the New

 Hampshire primary, giving his endorsement to former President Donald Trump.

Bloomberg explained that DeSantis' decision to withdraw from the election

 race was due to a desire to avoid a "shameful third place"

 in the New Hampshire primary.

A CNN poll showed former US President Donald Trump leading his rivals

 from potential participants in the New Hampshire Republican primary

 with a comfortable lead.

Now Trump's main

 rival in the battle for the Republican presidential 

nomination is former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

According to the results of party activists' meetings in Iowa on January 15

Healy received 19.1% of the vote and finished third, losing not only to

 Trump (who won 51%), but also to DeSantis (who won 21.2%).

The campaign of former US 

leader Trump stated that Healy's candidacy

 did not meet the interests of Republicans, stating that "Nikki Healy is

 the candidate of globalists and Democrats and will do anything to

 end America first."

Trump's position is firmly at the top of the Republican race

 for the November White House election.

Trump is

 leading by a margin of other potential GOP candidates in

 terms of voter support, according to a CBS News survey.

According to the survey, 69% of Republicans

 intend to vote for Trump in the primary.

The U.S.

presidential election is scheduled for November 5, 2024.

 Polls show Donald Trump as the frontrunner in the Republican primary

 and he is expected to face incumbent President Joe Biden.