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After the world's first death was recorded.. What is "Alaska Pox"?

(One of the most deadly diseases before it is eliminated)

After the world's first death was recorded..

What is "Alaska Pox"?

The first death from Alaska chickenpox was recorded in the Kenai Peninsula in

late January :

prompting a major debate over the nature and extent of the virus.

Since 2005, only seven cases of infection have been reported

when scientists first detected them in Fairbanks, Alaska.

What is Alaskooks?

Alaska chickenpox, known as AKPV :

belongs to the orthopoxvirus family, including chickenpox

chickenpox and chickenpox (one of the deadliest diseases before eradication).

It is believed to be transmitted from small rodents, such as field mice, to humans.

The Alaska Department of Health warned that household pets

such as cats and dogs "may also play a role in spreading the virus."

What are the symptoms of the disease?

Alaska chickenpox symptoms include: skin lesions, enlarged lymph nodes

joint and muscle pain, similar to the symptoms caused by chickenpox.

Experts reported that the "unidentified"

  • man who died from the infection discovered a red bump in his armpit in
  • September 2023, prompting doctors to give him antibiotics
  • after visiting the emergency department.

But as his symptoms worsened and he suffered from fatigue

and pain in the armpit and shoulder, he was hospitalized in November.

Medics explained that :

  • he had "four smaller smallpox-like skin lesions" in different parts of his body.
  • He suffered from other complications that led to kidney failure
  • and his death in late January.

Is infection prevalent in humans?

  • Scientists seem not yet sure how the Alaskopox virus spreads
  • but say evidence suggests it is zoonotic
  • a disease transmitted from animals to humans.

To date, no human-to-human transmission of AKVP has been documented.

But other viruses from the same family, including smallpox

and ape chickenpox :

  1. have been shown to 
  2. be transmitted via direct
  3. contact with infected people.

How serious is the disease?

  • This is the first case of Alaskooks, which leads to hospitalization
  • and subsequent death. But officials indicated that the man was
  • immunocompromised and undergoing cancer treatment

putting him at risk of serious illness.

The paramedics said that his health problems might

have contributed to his severe illness and eventual death.

Experts explained that other previously detected cases of

the disease experienced mild symptoms, which disappeared a few weeks later.

What should patients do to stop it spreading?

Health officials advised those who develop pests to avoid touching them

and keep them dry and covered with bandages

while maintaining good hand hygiene and avoiding sharing fabrics with others.

People who remained in

regular contact with wildlife should take additional precautions.

Is it just Alaska?

No cases have ever been reported outside of Alaska

suggesting they are limited to the state.

But this deadly situation is the first of its kind in the Kenai Peninsula

south of the state, suggesting that it has spread more widely within Alaska.

Mammals do not :

adhere to border restrictions

indicating that they may spread in Canada.

Scientists added that the deceased man lived alone in a forested area

and reported no travel or close contact with a similar disease

also indicating that the virus was spreading more widely among animals.