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Are you hungry right after eating? Here are the reasons and solutions


Are you hungry right after eating? 

Here are the reasons and solutions

Feelings of hunger can remain immediately after eating due to lack of protein

dietary fibre and water. How can a sense of satiety

be restored and snacks abandoned?

According to Dr. Tatyana Rybakova, a nutritionist and nutrition therapist

there are several reasons why a person can't feel full:

First :

lack of protein in food. Because protein helps keep feeling full for a long time.

Its main sources are meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts and legumes.


A person may not feel full due to the lack of dietary fibres

found in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes, which are like protein

enhance the feeling of satiety. It is also useful because

it increases the volume of food in the stomach and slows digestion.

Thirdly :

lack of fluid in the body may also be a cause of insatiability

as the brain confuses thirst with hunger.


 A person may not feel full due to stress and eat quickly.

She says:

"If a person is eating very quickly

their brain may not have enough time to monitor feeling full.

So you should eat slowly, enjoy its taste

and give the body enough time to feel full.

The expert explains how to get rid of the habit of eating sweets after eating

 suffered by people on a low-carb diet.

The reason for this is the low level of blood sugar.

"A person's desire to eat sweets immediately after eating may refer to a lack of

mineral elements, such as zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium.

Magnesium :

for example, helps regulate insulin production, maintaining a stable blood

sugar level. that is, the level of blood sugar can decrease due to 

magnesium deficiency, carbohydrates, leading to increased appetite ".

According to her, to control snacking, its causes must be determined. 

For example :

it may be stress, boredom or malnutrition. You are therefore advised to

keep food diaries and record everything a person eats during the day.

She says: 

"If stress is found to be the cause, an alternative to food should be sought

as a means of relieving stress. Useful alternatives include meditation

deep breathing :

 or physical activity. another key to success is to identify key meals that

are important to eat regularly and to obtain

the necessary amount of nutrients and energy ".