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History of Hummer Cars: From Military Service to Environmental Friendship


History of Hummer Cars: 

From Military Service to Environmental Friendship

The size of the car sometimes plays a big role in giving an impression of

power and luxury to the car And when talking about large and large cars

Hummer cars must top the scene in a range of cars that can be easily 

distinguished when the roads are decorated with a fancy and amazing presence.

 And no stranger to the luxury Hummer, which is one of 

America's most popular automobile companies, Due to its extensive history

magnitude and unique and outstanding features

the automotive community, perhaps most striking

Manufacture of Hummer vehicles primarily as military vehicles to

transport personnel and equipment, thereby moving to civilian

production from the vehicle while maintaining the military's production line.

Based on the vehicle ' In this article, we will tell the story of Hummer's

car, including the fact of Hummer's American cars and the most

important information about Hummer's giant company from launch to date.

History of Hummer Cars

  • Hummer's cars are of great size, structure and exceptional characteristics.
  • and it can be argued that it is difficult to compare the off
  • road ability of Hummer vehicles with other vehicles

But that's not the only thing that

wrote the lines of Hemmer's success story

and gave its cars a singularity and a thoughtfulness in the car community. 

As there are many other characteristics and advantages that have played

a pivotal role in the success of Hemmer's story

These advantages :

and characteristics have evolved over time to become a difficult number that

has intensified competition among

the world's automotive companies and factories.

and the following is a presentation of 

the most prominent detailed stations in Hummer's history

and vehicles:

Return to roots

In the mid-1980s, he had allocated the U.S. 

Department of Defense Board. (Pentagon)

  • Part of its expenses for the heavy vehicle manufacturer "AM General"
  • for the production of a high-duty, multifunctional military vehicle
  • with recommendations to be manufactured and designed according to
  • specific criteria for using the vehicle to transport soldiers and gear

Besides being suitable to walk on different terrain

and in different geographical environments 

The company has already completed its mission and produced

the "Humvee" military vehicle, which served the purpose for which it 

was designed and achieved its objectives well

It also added

other features including walking on the side slopes and steering over

any object with a diameter of up to 16 inches, besides the possibility of

walking over water bodies using special equipment contained

by the vehicle for this In addition

many advantages and characteristics have made Humvee an exceptional 

vehicle that is clearly superior to conventional jeeps

but was intended for military use only.

Hammer Start

  • The Austrian-American actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • was arguably a hero in the story of a Hummer as a hero in his films
  • playing a key role in bringing the Hummer into
  • the light and starting the history of civilian-use Hummer cars

in the 1990 year

specifically while filming "Kindergarten Cop" in the American state of Oregon

Arnold saw an army car from the new military "Humvee" at the time

and Arnold was greatly impressed with the vehicle, prompting him to

communicate with the manufacturer of 

the vehicle and insist on it to make a civilian car identical to

 the military vehicle "Humvee" or approach to it

  • and after two years of insistence and urgency on the company;
  • Arnold was able to line the civic version of Humvee in his garage
  • The company had responded to his claim

and had issued the Hummer as a civilian version of the "Humvee" military 

vehicle in 1992 without stopping the production of the "Humvee" military vehicle.

The car was not called "Hammer" in vain;

 It was an approach in the word and writing of its first part of the name of

the military vehicle "Humphi", as well as an expression of the toughness

and strength of the vehicle, which was not much different 

from the military vehicle with respect to its characteristics, capabilities

and advantages

but was superior to it with respect to shape, design, entertainment 

and comfort; 

Features such as air conditioning and other systems

comfort and entertainment elements have been added.

Despite the brilliance of Hammer cars in major screenings

and movies such as "Transformers", which appeared alongside another set of

cars in addition to the exceptional pleasure 

and performance it has achieved for drivers as it begins to emerge

There were :

however :

  • some obstacles or difficulties in using and driving in the city
  • which was beset by Hummer cars, with the start of 
  • their production from that large size, which required 

a large area of the street, and the heavy emissions released by the vehicle.

Hammer between Medea and Isles

The year saw the 1999 of an important hinge station of Hummer's 

car history which did not cross the 10-year mark.

General Motors has traditionally purchased the rights to manufacture

and produce Hummer vehicles as an opportunity to expand 

its brand at the time GM named the H1 on the well-known Hummer.

And within years

I released another model of car called H2 that continued well from success

until sales began to gradually decline and decline, In 2005

GM launched a new vehicle model called the H3, which was smaller

less performing and priced than the other two Hummer models.

This helped save the Hummer on the one hand

hile provoking an outcry and a wave of objections from the vehicle's public

who demanded the preservation of the features of the usual Hummer cars

This prompted the company to respond to the claims in a thoughtful manner

two years after the launch of the H3 by making some modifications to 

the model to ensure majority satisfaction bankruptcy "

reaching 2009 as an extension of

the global financial crisis resulting from GM's bankruptcy; 

The production of Hummer cars was interrupted along with both Pontiac

and Saturn vehicles produced by the company as well, which put a point in 

the history of Hummer's exceptional and unique cars to further notice.

Reasons for discontinuation of production

Stopping the production of Hummer vehicles did not come out of the blue

but was the result of many factors that contributed to this, insulating

from GM's bankruptcy in the meantime and its return to activity after time.

Hence the cessation of its production:

Large Size

While the large size of the Hummer was a factor in the vehicle's success

and fame in the world; However, one of the failures was also due to

the need for large space in the Hammer's public roads or parking lots

and other large volume problems that contributed to weak demand for the vehicle.

Fuel consumption :

Hummer cars need a great deal of fuel without the slightest doubt

and it is sometimes even ironic to talk

about the need for a mobile gas station to run behind them, in conjunction

with the steady rise in fuel prices around the world; 

Hammer cars :

did not meet the interests and aspirations of motorists in this regard

contributing to the reluctance to acquire the Hummer's

car and the weak demand for it.

High Price

Hummer cars were expensive compared to other cars, owing to higher 

production costs based on the exceptional advantages and characteristics of

the vehicle, thus only a small class of the public could purchase

and acquire the vehicle and afford its costs and expenses


despite the reduction in Hummer's price through its H3 launch;

However :

it was not a single model of the vehicle that was maintained

and continued to be produced alone, and the vehicle would lose

its soul and substance if its potential, advantages and size were reduced.

It was unable to afford the Hummer's huge production 

costs without being confident that it would realize its huge return.

Emission proliferation

With growing environmental awareness in the world;

  • The finger of accusation has come to refer to Hummer cars as one of
  • the causes of harmful emissions due to their excessive emissions
  • resulting from their size and the large amount they need to
  • burn fuel to proceed according to their mechanism of work.

Hummer's return :

  • The story of Hemmer's car did not end there, and the pages of
  • Hummer's car history did not involve that pause; after 11 years
  • and specifically in 2020; GMC has announced the launch of

the all-new Hummer GMC EV

the first fully electric Hummer, which has treated all the causes of

Hummer's decline and discontinuation

The new Hammer has set an inviolable emission limit 

and has prolonged a relatively smaller size than its predecessors

This is coupled with a connection of

  1. improvements that have enabled Hummer 
  2. cars to experience more efficient off-road
  3. and downhill driving.

Add to this many features

and features such as the new Hummer's

"Crab Walk" four-way steering system

which gives it greater maneuverability

especially in off-road, Besides the "extraction system"

or "height system" which allows the car to rise

  • about 6 inches above the normal riding height using
  • a sophisticated sports suspension system in order to avoid
  • the obstacles that the vehicle may encounter on its way 

and to overcome it by such altitude

Add to this many features

and features of the Hummer GMC EV

which has set a new line in Hummer's history and once again restored 

it as one of the world's most unique and unique cars.

In this article :

we have provided you with thorough and comprehensive information

about Hummer cars, and we have summarized the history of

Hummer cars from the first start in 1992 to the present year 

when Hummer reached its 30th year, if you would like more information

and read many interesting articles about the automotive world

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