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How do we protect ourselves from "old age dementia" and its complications?


How do we protect ourselves from

"old age dementia" and its complications?

"Old age dementia"

is one of the most acute problems for older adults

and a factor affecting mental and physical health.

What are the means used to prevent the disease from worsening?

According to :

Russian neurologist Lydia Gozeva :

"old age dementia" disease Or what's known as Alzheimer's is a disease caused

by a brain disorder that worsens over time. And it mainly affects older adults

in the early stages of which a person may not clearly show symptoms of

the disease.

  • But it gradually begins with the loss of its ability to recall new information
  • by complete memory loss and inability to read and write

and these symptoms may also be accompanied by eyesight problems.

The doctor noted that :

statistics indicate that 5% of people aged 56 to 74 years suffer from the disease.

and this proportion increases from 13 to 33% for age groups 75 to 84 years

  • The main causes of the disease are still unknown. 
  • But they may be associated with genetic factors
  • brain injuries, nerves or some vascular disease.

The doctor pointed out that :

there are currently no treatments that can restore a person to health

status before contracting the disease, but some drugs prescribed to

  • patients help them to exercise an active daily life
  • as well as customs and measures that prevent
  • the aggravation of the disease, including:

Adherence to a healthy diet.

Playing mental games that improve perception

and activate memory such as chess and others.

Learn new things.

Changing daily routine :

walking and constantly choosing new places

for exercise and physical activity, and also reading.

According to the doctor, recent studies have shown that 40% of

dementia cases can be reduced by targeting factors that affect

the onset or development of this disease, including high blood pressure

diabetes, smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol

brain injuries, or air pollution that adversely affects health.