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Meta warns Zuckerberg could die of martial arts.

 Meta warns Zuckerberg 

could die of martial arts.

Meta warned investors that Mark Zuckerberg's interest in martial arts could

have a "material negative impact" on the company's business

if he was seriously injured or even died in sports.

As part of its annual report submitted this month to the U.S. Securities

and Exchange Commission (SEC) for 2024

the social media giant Meta warned of potential risks to 

its business and possibly its share price due to some risky Zuckerberg activities.

"We currently rely on :

 the services and continuous performance of our key staff

 including Mark Zuckerberg," Meta said in the report. Zuckerberg 

and some other management members "are engaged in various high-risk activities

such as combat sports... which carries the risk of serious injury and death ".

The report added: 

"If Mr. Zuckerberg does not exist 

for any reason, there may be a material negative impact on our operations.

Zuckerberg, 39 :

started training in Brazilian martial arts "Jiu Jitsu"

which focuses primarily on fistfight, during the COVID-19 lockdown period

and told broadcaster Lex Friedman last year that doing so had "beaten" him a lot.

He then began training in mixed martial arts (Mixed martial arts or MMA)

a combination of a range of martial arts, and different techniques and skills. 

The sport has become famous among celebrity athletes

such as the Russian Habib Nurmuhammedov and the Irish Conor McGregor.

Last year :

Elon Musk wrote a blog post on X that he was "ready to have a cage

fight" with Zuckerberg, with the latter replying with approval.

Dana White, chief executive of the UFC, tried without an agreement to

organize what he predicted would be "the biggest fight ever in world history."

Last September, Musk said Zuckerberg had refused to disembark in Italy

and following his withdrawal from fighting in the Coliseum

Musk offered to go to Zuckerberg at his home as a "safe place"

to which Zuckerberg replied that he was "on travel."

Musk wrote at the time on his X page:

"Why doesn't he want to fight me? Zuckerberg said to locate the fight

and I identified him, and I identified his house

and he said he was travelling on a flight. We may fight when he returns ".

Then in November :

Zuckerberg revealed on his social media accounts that 

he had ruptured a front cruciate ligament during training in mixed martial arts.

Although the injury, which required surgery, is expected to take several 

months to recover, he stated in an Instagram post that 

he was "still looking forward to fighting after recovery."