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Musk attacks Biden's immigration policy and exposes its targets


Musk attacks Biden's :

immigration policy and exposes its targets

US businessman Elon Musk accused President Joe Biden of overlooking illegal

 immigration, to secure support for himself in the upcoming presidential election.

Biden's strategy is very simple.

First :

as many illegal immigrants as possible

 are allowed to enter the country. Secondly, legitimize them to create 

a permanent majority, a one-party State. 

That is why illegal migration is so encouraging. "

He added: 

"This explains the small number of deportations. 

every deportation is a lost voice ".

Musk criticizes the US :

 administration's current policy towards migrants

and believes Biden :

is not doing enough to protect the country's southern border.

He supported Texas Governor Greg Abbott's idea of securing

the state border with Mexico without the administration's help.

Abbott previously said in an interview with journalist Tucker Carlson that

 he was ready to fight with federal authorities over the issue of protecting 

the state's borders from illegal immigrants.

The Governor of Texas :

announced his support for former US President Donald

 Trump and former US Permanent Representative to 

the United Nations Nikki Healey in the upcoming presidential election.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he would send members of

the Florida National Guard to Texas to help combat illegal immigrants.

In addition to DeSantis, Oklahoma Governor 

Kevin Stitt expressed his willingness to send guards to Texas.


The number of immigrants arriving last

month outnumbered those born in the same period in the United States

US businessman Elon Musk announced that the number of 

illegal immigrants who arrived in the US last month exceeded

the number of children born in the country in the same period.

"The flow of illegal immigrants is increasing exponentially

and over the past month the number of illegal immigrants 

arriving has surpassed the number of children born in America."

The US businessman :

  • earlier accused President Joe Biden's administration of
  • encouraging illegal immigration
  • stating that "the numbers speak for themselves."

US President Joe Biden said

 he had done everything possible to resolve the issue of illegal immigration

 and called for additional powers to deal with the crisis at the border.

This comes against the backdrop of a deepening migrant crisis on the U.S.

Mexico border, and heightened debate between Texas and federal authorities.

It should be noted that :

 border security and actions against illegal immigration

have been among the subjects of disagreements between Republicans

and Democrats :

disrupting legislation to allocate $106 billion to finance

various projects and programmes, including funding aid to Ukraine and Israel.