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Musk demands detention of those calling for Carlson's arrest over trip to Moscow


Musk demands detention of :

those calling for Carlson's arrest over trip to Moscow

US businessman Elon Musk called for the arrest of journalist 

Tucker Carlson to be held in dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Musk commented on a post by a user

  1. Ian Chung, on his own social media site X
  2. "Stop those calling for his arrest"
  3. writing that politicians

and media representatives are calling for Carlson to be arrested

for his trip to Russia. If Tucker Carlson is not careful, Chung said

"He may become the new Julian Assange, there are a lot of

calls from politicians and state media calling for his arrest

over his visit to Russia. these creatures are vengeful and nothing else ".

On Tuesday

  • Tucker Carlson posted a video message on social media site X against
  • the backdrop of the Kremlin Towers and Cathedral of Faithful Christ in
  • the center of the Russian capital Moscow
  • stating that he would soon be

interviewed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to him

he would be interviewed because the American people

did not know at all what was happening in Russia and Ukraine.

At the same time :

the White House, according to Carlson, twice tried to disrupt the interview

while White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre denied the statement.

An hour after Carlson posted the video message

there were 5.2 million views, now 70 million.

Julian Assange emerged in 2006 because of his work on WikiLeaks

which he founded to publish classified documents.

In 2010 :

the site released secret video footage of the United States military

showing how at least 18 civilians were killed after an attack on

an American helicopter in Baghdad in 2007.

In 2010 :

the site also began publishing 250 a thousand

 United States diplomatic documents.

Assange now faces 175 years in prison in

the United States for disclosing the largest collection of classified information in

the country's history, as Assange tries to appeal his extradition

from Britain to the United States to the Supreme Court in London.

US journalist Tucker Carlson announces intention to

interview Russian president despite White House opposition

Popular US journalist Tucker Carlson announced on Tuesday that

he will soon be interviewed by Russian President Vladimir Putin

who has arrived in Moscow despite :

the Biden administration's attempt to prevent him from conducting it.

  1. We're in Moscow tonight
  2. we're here to interview
  3. President Vladimir Putin of Russia.
  4. We will do so soon ".

He added: 

  • "There are risks to conducting such an interview, so we thought
  • carefully about it for several months, and we will, because first of 
  • all we worked, we are journalists.

Our duty is to inform people about two years of 

war that has changed the shape of the entire world. "

"And most Americans don't know anything, they have no right idea what's going

on in this region, either here in Russia or in Ukraine

but now they have to know, they're paying part of it in ways they don't imagine."

He added:

People in English-speaking countries don't know about this war either

and they think that nothing really has changed, and they say that

because nobody has told them the truth, their media is corrupt

they lie to readers and viewers, and they do it to their omissions.

For example :

from the first day of the war in Ukraine

the American media spoke with dozens of Ukrainians

and conducted dozens of interviews with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. "

Carlson explained:

"Interviews in the United States are usually not press interviews

but cajoling sessions that are especially devoted to exaggeration

Zelensky asked that (America) go deeply into and pay for war in Eastern Europe.

This is not a press.

 It is government propaganda

propaganda of the worst kind that kills people ".

He said:

 "At the same time, our politicians and media are doing this promotion of

a Western leader as if it were a consumer brand.

No Western journalist has ever commissioned

an interview with the other Head of State involved in the conflict

Vladimir Putin. Most Americans don't know why Putin fought Ukraine

or what his goals are right now. They never heard his voice.

That's wrong. 

Americans have the right to know everything about the war they are engaged in,

and we have the right to tell them about it because we are also Americans ".

Tucker Carlson:

  1. Elon Musk promised
  2. not to restrict or withhold
  3. my interview with Putin on X.

Popular US journalist Tucker Carlson said on

  • Tuesday that businessman Elon Musk and the owner of the "X" platform
  • had promised not to restrict or withhold his interview
  • with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carlson said: "Anyone can watch the interview live and without any modifications on our website. Thanks to Elon Musk Al Kabir, we have been promised that this interview will not be restricted or withheld when it is posted on his "X" platform, and we are grateful for that. "

He added: "By contrast, Western Governments will do their utmost to subject the video to the conditions of censorship of low-principle platforms, because that's what they do. They're afraid of information they can't control. But you have no reason to be afraid, we don't invite you to agree on what Putin might say in this interview, but we urge you to watch it, you need to know what you can know, and then as free citizens, not slaves, you can identify yourself. "