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The usefulness of regular intimacy for women's health


The usefulness of 

regular intimacy for women's health

University of Texas scientists in the city of Austin have regularly 

discovered the benefit of practicing intimacy for women's health.

According to :

the Journal of the American Medical Association

according to the results of the study, once a week sex significantly

 affects women's physical and mental state. Because during intercourse

hormones are excreted, such as serotonin, dopamine and estrogen

whose effect in the body corresponds to that of good sleep

physical activity and healthy nutrition.

According to researchers

 it is better to practice intimacy with a steady partner.

 practice with others increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

It should be noted that 

sex scientist Tracy Cox has already explained that 

intimacy can be dangerous to health, including contributing to cancer

development. According to her, infections transmitted during the practice of 

the relationship include herpes, chlamydia and HPV.

Doctors reveal unexpected benefits of

 love and intimacy on health

British doctors have declared that love and intimacy stimulate

 the immune system, prolonging life expectancy.

The Sun :

notes that according to Dr. Rachel Ward, a specialist at the Centre for Ageing

intimacy prolongs life. She says: "Love and feelings that arise when a person

 is loved cause happiness and reduce the likelihood of mental disorders.

 Meaningful relationships are important, as they extend life expectancy. "

It adds that non-romantic

 relationships also have a positive impact on the person.

For its part :

Anita Baines :

a psychologist, declared that intimacy and a close long-term relationship 

stimulate the immune system. This happens because both partners exchange

 bacteria, which strengthens the immune system over time. 

And that love reduces the risk of depression.

"This is because the person maintains the company of his partner and provides

 emotional support, which relieves feelings of loneliness and isolation

she explains. Moreover, people associated with such relationships

 move more and often motivate each other to exercise.

Dr. Pippa Murphy

a sex scientist, emphasizes that intimacy 

is beneficial for the heart and blood vessels, especially for women.

"A study by New England Research Institute scientists in Massachusetts 

showed that twice a week sex reduces the risk of heart disease by 50 percent.

 and that the more sex, the less danger. "

According to her

intimacy helps healthy sleep.

"Practice intimacy before bedtime," she says, "and then they will quickly 

fall asleep and sleep becomes healthier."

Important warning for men:

The stagnation of blood in the small pelvis is caused by lack of mobility.

 Prolonged stagnation of blood and lymphoma result in the prostate

 not getting the necessary amount of oxygen, thereby decreasing its immunity. 

result is infections that allow bacteria from other parts of the urinary system to

 easily penetrate them. Prostatitis, an infectious disease

leads to inflammation of its entire tissue. "

He adds that the area between 

the thighs in men is sensitive to temperatures, and when sitting 

for a long time this area, especially the temperature of the testicles

increases the production of testosterone, and sperm quality.

 This is due to the fact that the temperature of the testicles is actually

 lower than that of the body so it is in the scrotum and not in the abdominal cavity.

He says:

 "In order to reduce the negative impact of lack of mobility

simple physical activity during the day must be increased

the area between the thighs not heated, and bad habits and intimacy must be

 reduced regularly. In addition, a shower can be taken, and most importantly

the specialist doctor must be consulted from time to time. "