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You want to get rid of dangerous belly fat? Eat these foods and see the results!


You want to get rid of dangerous belly fat?

Eat these foods and see the results!

Several studies have reported that acquiring more fat in the waist area

as we age, can significantly increase the risk of various diseases.

According to Nicola Ludlam Ren of Nic's Nutrition

  • visceral fat "unlike subcutaneous fat, builds deep inside
  • the abdominal cavities and poses health risks
  • including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease

type 2 diabetes and some cancers."

Although it is difficult to get rid of belly fat, according to the Cleveland clinic

there are some tricks that can work effectively, because this type of

fat is metabolized faster. Experts say that your body can get rid of

these fats during sweating or urinating.

With exercise :

and diet over two to three months, you will see effective results.

Dieting does not mean food deprivation.

To remove unwanted fat, nutritionists recommend eating the following foods:

Kimchi :

Eating a daily share of Korean fermented cabbage, known as kimchi

can reduce the risk of obesity by 11%, according to a study of nearly

116 thousand people in South Korea published in the journal BMJ Open.

Fans of kimchi are likely to have smaller waistlines

thanks to live bacteria that resist obesity, the study claims.

The researchers said kimchi is "low in calories and rich in dietary fibres

lactic acid bacteria, vitamins and polyphenols."

Fat-free proteins :

Bria Teo, a dietitian in the UK, says white meat, fish, lean red meat

beans and eggs are all great at helping to shed excess weight.

She added: "I cannot say that there are specific foods that can reduce 

or prevent belly fat, but are a lifestyle. a Mediterranean-style diet has been

shown to be beneficial for blood pressure, heart health and our overall health ".

Mediterranean Diet :

Linus Connolly :

clinical service provider at Benenden Health


 "The Mediterranean diet can help reduce visceral fat to safe levels. 

This diverse diet emphasizes the healthy consumption of green fruits

leafy vegetables and healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocado and nuts

as well as omega-3 rich foods, such as salmon

tuna :

legumes and marine mackerel. "

Teo also recommends eating many fruits and vegetables as part of the diet

at a rate of seven to nine servings per day, along with nuts, seeds and whole grains.

Some fatty foods :

Nutritionist and health trainer Yasmine al-Samit says:

"Integrating fatty fish like salmon into the diet can be beneficial

it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids

and has anti-inflammatory properties that may prevent the development of

visceral fat. These healthy fats also play a role in hormone 

regulation and promoting metabolic health. "

Greek yogurt

Semitic indicates that Greek yoghurt is rich in probiotics

and promotes healthy gut microbiome, which has been linked to

reduced visceral fat, as probiotics in Greek yoghurt may help regulate

 inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity

contributing to a healthier weight distribution.

Oats :

Linus Connolly explained: "You can try wholegrain foods, such as oats

whole bread, brown rice and wholegrain pasta, to help reduce visceral fat. 

This is because soluble fiber slows down the process of

delivering food to the intestine, where it is divided into fatty acids that

are a major source of nutrition and thus lead to suppression of

appetite which helps to reduce visceral fat. "