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Lauren Boebert claims that if she were voted out of Congress, children would learn 'inclusive sexual education'


Lauren Boebert claims that if she were voted out of Congres

children would learn 'inclusive sexual education'

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.)

went to Newsmax to warn her GOP primary opponent about her.

Although the election will not take place until June 28, Boebert is already preparing to defend her position.

Boebert received strong negative assessments in the December 2021 poll, but there have been few updates on Colorado lawmaker since then.


her latest message is that her Republican opponent supports comprehensive sex education, which is generally thought to include teaching about birth control methods such as condoms.

The "chastity only" method was taught in previous versions of

sex education in schools.

Studies have shown that chastity programs are not only effective, but also increase the likelihood that children will not seek protection.

Abstinence ensures that sexual activity
is postponed for an average of six months.

The most important aspect of comprehensive sex education is the teaching of consent so that there is no misunderstanding as to whether or not both participants agree with sex.

However, "full sex education", according to Pupert

  • knows that "you can choose your gender" and that "
  • abortion is a kind of birth control."
  • Both allegations are factually false.
Colorado also allows parents to withdraw

from any sex education in their children's schools.

Boebert recently made headlines

for a tweet she wrote and sent on Friday that

received a huge amount of negative feedback after hinting that Americans who identify themselves as members of the LGBT community should refrain from classifying themselves until the age of 21.

Measurement stems from laws across the country that prohibit anyone under the age of 21 from buying alcohol or tobacco products.

We ask people to be 21 years old to buy alcoholic beverages

and 21 years old to buy tobacco products,"

Boebert wrote.

Why is it unreasonable to ask people to attain a certain level of maturity before making life-changing decisions about their sexuality or identity?

We ask people to be 21 years old to buy alcoholic beverages, and 21 years old to buy tobacco products.

Why is it unreasonable to ask people to reach a certain level of

maturity before making life

changing decisions about their sexuality and identity?

The comparison was constant for many.

Those with conflicting beliefs were quick to point out that sexual attraction and desires are natural feelings that occur in humans and that have continued to survive to the present as long as our documented history can tell us.


on the other end of this spectrum

there is no natural connotation of alcohol or tobacco products.

Many were also quick to acknowledge that while alcohol consumption directly affects the body, as with indulgence in tobacco products such as chewing tobacco or cigarettes, acknowledging romantic or sexual feelings towards people of the same sex does not pose a complete risk to the self. Or others.

Others argued that

trying to stifle Americans by setting age limits

By which they are appropriately classified as members of the LGBT community is inherently anti-freedom, which has long been described as America's founding principle. It leaves the question whether heterosexual individuals should undergo the same examination of their identities, and if not, why?

Boebert's controversial tweet came shortly after she criticized the passage of a House Democrat-led bill that sought to preserve LGBT protection in U.S. labor and civil rights laws.

Where is the equality in this legislation for

young girls across America

who will have to look behind their backs as they change in school locker rooms just to make sure there is no confused man trying to get to the top? I wondered.

Boebert also claimed that the bill was an attempt to impose "sovereignty" on "gay, lesbian and intersex people."