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Republican campaign adviser says Donald Trump's latest Truth Social post portrays him as a "dysfunctional"

Republican campaign adviser says Donald Trump's latest Truth Social post portrays him as a "dysfunctional"

Appearing on CNN's State of the Union 

Republican campaign adviser Scott Jennings delivered some rather harsh words to former US President Donald Trump.

After uploading a controversial social post insisting that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican representing Kentucky, had a "desire to die."

Jennings put the former president in a state of criticism over a recent post on Trump's personally founded social media platform Truth Social.

 However, Jennings is not the only person who commented on the post because of its inappropriate nature, as it was widely criticized for what many interpreted as a racist attack against McConnell's wife, former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who Trump referred to in the post. "Coco Chao."

When the panel discussion turned to Trump's controversial remarks Sunday morning

 Jennings, an acquaintance close to the Senate minority leader, claimed that if anyone heard someone who looked like Trump muttering similar feelings on the streets in the same way as he did.

Online, they will immediately ask for law enforcement to take care of them before they harm themselves or anyone else.

When Jennings was asked what he thought of Truth Social, he replied: "It's hard to know where to start, with murder instructions or blatant racism."

"If you read this all out loud 

If you were on the street and you heard someone muttering that on the corner of the street

That individual shouldn't be given the presidency or the Republican presidential candidacy, you wouldn't argue.

Call 911 if you see a dysfunctional, disturbed individual out on the street who might pose a threat to both himself and others, you can say.

Jennings added 

  • It's outrageous." "Beyond the pale.
  • That ought to be a Republican tenet.
  • That's not good for the party. That's not good for him. "

Moreover, Jennings commented on what he considers to be a double standard in the policy of right-wingers mocking incumbent U.S. 

President Joe Biden for passages in which he seemed "off-topic," while not commenting at all on Trump's private posts that appear to come from an unhealthy place.

"On the right, right now, it's really familiar to pass clips of Joe Biden looking like he's confused or he's coming out of it or whatever," he said.

"He told me that [Trump's post]

  1. Doesn't look confused
  2. Or confused
  3. Or confused
  4. Or whatever.
  5. It's the same thing.

If you want to say these things about Joe Biden, look at Donald Trump's words now and tell me that this guy looks like he brought his stuff together. "