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European officials are communicating with Joe Biden and accusing the United States of profiting from the Ukraine war


European officials reach maximum with Joe Biden

accuse United :

States of America of profiting from war in Ukraine: report

Top European officials are angry with Joe Biden's administration and accuse America of making a fortune from the war in Ukraine according to a Politico report. Some officials who beat Biden remained anonymous while others did so publicly.

One senior official told Politico:

The fact is

if you look at it rudely, the country most benefiting from this war is the United States because it sells more gas at higher prices, and because it sells more weapons.

We are really at a historic juncture 

the official added before complaining about the disruption of trade from U.S. subsidies and rising energy prices. America needs to recognize that public opinion is changing in many countries of the European Union .


our friends, are making decisions that have an economic impact on us, said the EU's top diplomat, Josep Borrell.

A National Security Council spokesman said:

High gas prices in Europe caused Putin's invasion of

Ukraine and Putin's energy war on Europe.

The increase in global LNG supply :

led by the United States

has helped European allies and partners obtain storage levels to an encouraging place before this winter, and we will continue to work with the European Union, its members and other European countries to ensure that sufficient supplies will be available for winter and beyond .

European Commissioner for Internal Market Terry Britton said 

The United States sells us its gas

with a four-multiplier effect when it crosses the Atlantic Ocean.

"Americans of course are our allies

but when something goes wrong, it is also necessary for allies to say so."

Other European officials were angry with Biden over his trade policies and support.

Lisji Schreinemacher, the Dutch Minister of Trade, said that the law to reduce inflation is extremely concerning.

There could be a significant negative effect on the European economy.

The United States has a domestic agenda that


  • is protectionist and discriminates against US allies,"
  • said Tonino Piccola, the European Parliament's lead officer
  • for transatlantic relations.

According to Politico:

It was not until Washington announced a $369 billion industrial subsidy plan to support green industries under the inflation reduction law, as Brussels went into complete panic.

"The law on lowering inflation has changed everything," said one EU diplomat.

"Is Washington still our ally or not?"

For Biden

The law represents a significant victory for the environment.

While we understand that some trading partners have concerns about how the IRA's [electric vehicle] tax credit provisions work practically for their producers, we are committed to continuing to work with them to better understand and do what we can to address their concerns, the NSC spokesman said.

This is not a zero-sum game.

Instead of cutting into the clean energy investment pie, the IRA will expand it.

But the European Union sees this differently.

According to a representative of the French foreign ministry

the diagnosis is simple:

"These are discriminatory subsidies that distort competition."

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire this week even accused the United States of going down China's path of economic isolationism, urging Brussels to repeat such an approach. He said, "Europe must not be the last mohaqis."