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Despite Biden's stuttering and boycotting of protesters, U.S. Foreign Affairs comments on his speech in Egypt


Despite Biden's stuttering and boycotting of protesters, U.S.

Foreign Affairs comments on his speech in Egypt

US President Joe Biden on Friday did not lose sight of his stutter speech at the climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, while the US state commented on his speech in another context.

In the details, Biden was criticized on Twitter

after repeated attempts to pronounce the phrase "contribute to shaping a clean energy global economy" during his speech, but to no avail, as Biden apologized to those in the Hall, stating that this was not his quote.

In statements to Al-Watan

the US State Department spokesman for Middle East Affairs Samiomel Weiberg said that "the Sharm el-Sheikh Summit has been one of the most important climate conferences since its inception over the past years, because it is indeed an implementation summit."

Joe Biden's speech was considered "one of the most important during his administration, as he waited 40 years for this moment to arrive."

President Joe Biden's word is very important because we were hearing at all the conferences leading up to the Sharm el-Sheikh climate conference"

COP 27 

  • "commitments and pledges
  • but now is the time to implement
  • and it is also the time for this implementation to
be in front of people around the world

and this is the conference to implement the pledges.

On the American side

we have made all the full commitments to reach our ambitious targets of reducing emissions in 2030 by 50-52%, below 2005 levels, and then to net zero by 2050 through a series of unprecedented climate actions.

Biden announced $500 million

  • in support for climate adaptation in Egypt
  • and supported Egypt's transition to green energy
  • from the United States of America, the European Union and Germany."

He announced that 

his country will provide $150 million to support African countries, and that there will be support for Africa's early warning systems, to enhance food security and support a new training centre in Egypt for the transition to renewable sources of energy across the African continent.

The United States' President has stated that

Egypt's transition to clean energy will allow it to acquire 10 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030 and improve 5 gigawatts of gas-generated energy. Reducing Egypt's emissions in the energy range

by 10% 

and we will work with Egypt to book 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas currently lost by Egypt in burning, wind and leakage. Thanks to this cooperation, Egypt is able to achieve what it has established for itself as nationally determined contributions. "

He stressed that

  • cooperation with Egypt is very important in climate-related projects
  • especially environmentally friendly
  • and alternative energy projects

The President of the United States has emphasized that

the United States of America will fund

the Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Resilience.

to help more than half a billion people in developing countries to respond to climate change, and the US administration has requested $2 billion for this year's Bripper Plan.

He continued : 

  • Many countries have experienced lessons from climate change
  • Coordinating efforts between the United States of
  • America and Egypt on all topics related to climate change.

We have initiatives to support developing countries.

The world faces threats from climate change, and we are all in one ship."

The United Nations Security

Council removed a group of protesters from President Joe Biden's session during the climate conference in Egypt, after shouting and objecting during his speech.

During Biden's 22-minute speech at the main and crowded convention hall on the sidelines of the Sharm el-Sheikh tourist resort's climate conference, climate activists issued wolf-like voices and held up a banner before the United Nations police stopped them and took them out of the session.