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Lara Trump addresses the Governor of Florida: Time is long and opportunities are not for the position of President of the United States

Lara Trump addresses Florida Governor :

Time is too long and chances are not to run for President of the United States.

In an interview with Fox News


  • who is married to Trump's son Eric DeSantis
  • considered that if DeSantis announced his 2024 presidential bid to Trump
  • it would divide the Republican voter base.

She said :

"I think Ron DeSantis is very smart.

He is young, and there will be plenty of opportunities for him to run for president in the future, and he knows that ", noting that the governor of Florida is only 44 years old.

She added:

"I think maybe he should wait to see what my father-in-law wants.

He is a smart enough man to know that it would be great to have all the support from the Republican Party, from the MAGA movement (short for the slogan Let's Make America Great Again "(put up by Donald Trump as his 2016 campaign title).

Lara Trump suggested that if DeSantis ran

  • the primary for Republican Party support would become
  • "very chaotic," and she wondered, "Isn't it nicer for him
  • and I think he knows that, to wait until 2028."

She considered that without DeSantis running

Trump's chance to run was "easy," cynically cynical of suggestions that he was losing support from Republicans who blame him for the disastrous results in the midterm congressional elections.

She insisted it was no different from the party's top figures who initially opposed Trump in 2016 before turning behind him once it became clear that he would be the nominee.

"They know that Trump has what it takes not only to

win the White House, but to do incredible things for this country," she said.

Poll: DeSantis ahead of Trump in 2024 primary

Florida's Republican governor

Ron DeSantis

has a seven-point lead over former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential primary race, according to a new poll.

According to the YouGov poll

  • 42% of Republicans and independents leaning toward
  • as the party's 2024 presidential candidate. 35% of
  • those surveyed were found to still support former President Trump.

The results of the last congressional midterm elections

appear to have had a significant impact on the results of the poll, with a poll also conducted by YouGov, three weeks before that election, showing that 45% of Republican voters support Trump as opposed to 35% support DeSantis.

Trump is expected to announce tomorrow Tuesday

November 15

  • that he is running for the 2024 election
  • at a time when the results of the congressional midterm elections
  • have disappointed GOP members
  • which have come in well below their expectations.

DeSantis won easily in his own race in Florida

but a series of other Republican candidates backed by Trump were defeated

helping Democrats retain control of the Senate.

Trump's chances of 2024 election are slim for Republican opponent DeSantis

Political science professor Vladimir Pattiuk said Donald Trump's

chances of participating in the next presidential election were slim compared to his new Republican opponent, Ron DeSantis.

After the midterm election results

  • Republicans realized that
  • Trump was putting a burden on their party
  • which could fail the 2024 presidential election because of him.

The emergence of Florida's handsome young Republican star, Ron DeSantis, will undoubtedly reduce the chances of Trump and other seniors in the electoral arena.

Vladimir Patyuk noted that

  1. polls showed a majority of Americans
  2. were unwilling to repeat Trump's
  3. previous election scenario in the 2024 election.

Patyuk stressed that

the Supreme Court's decision to ban abortion in the United States at the request of Republican governors was a major reason for their failure in the midterm elections to Congress.