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Elon Musk went to the extreme with Kathy Griffin and restricted her Twitter account and warned her of a permanent suspension


Elon Musk has reached the limit with Kathy Griffin

restricts her Twitter account and warns her that she could be permanently suspended

Elon Musk reached his border with Hollywood star Kathy Griffin's Twitter nonsense today and restricted her account before warning her she might be permanently suspended if she continued to work.

Griffin used Elon Musk's character to make statements like these:

After a lot of enthusiastic discussions with women in my life

I have decided that voting blue to choose them is only right.

(They're also sexy females, back to work). #VoteBlueToProtectWomen "

"I must admit

  • when Republicans come for birth control
  • I will have more children than I can afford! So for my daughters
  • and my girlfriends. #VoteBlueToProtectWomen “

"The guys of this beto are pretty cool

after all. Greg Abbott doesn't want to legalize cannabis.

Beto loves weed! #voteblue "

The complainants and the activists.

Do you want to see real activity? Watch this. RT w #VoteBlue "

  • Her account was restricted to a sign saying:
  • Warning: This account is temporarily restricted.
  • You see this warning because there
  • is extraordinary activity from this account.

"Do you still want to watch it?"

Elon Musk later added :

Any Twitter account that deals with impersonation without identifying the source "will be permanently suspended" going forward.

Elon Musk bans Kathy Griffin from Twitter for good.

Elon Musk dropped the hammer and permanently stopped Kathy Griffin from Twitter. Griffin was impersonating Elon Musk on Twitter causing her and others to warn her:

Kathy Griffin melts after Elon Musk mocked her comedy skills, and sneaked back on Twitter using my dead mom's account to call it A * * Hole

Twitter CEO Elon Musk

permanently suspended Hollywood comedian Kathy Griffin from Twitter last night after he reached his limit with nonsense.

Musk appeared to relax his position later mocking her previous refusal to pay for her blue checkmark: "If she really wanted her account back, she could get it. for $8 ".

But Cathy

  • who promised to leave Twitter
  • cannot leave the social media network
  • and return to Twitter using her dead mother's account
  • and broke down when Musk mocked her lack of comedy skills.

In response to a post by Penny Johnson, he said:

Because she impersonated Elon Musk, Kathy Griffin's Twitter account was permanently suspended. Musk responded by:

  • She was actually expelled for pretending to be a comic.
  • Cathy did not walk and said from her
  • dead mother's account:

"I mean... I stole that joke, you

 * * hole. People have been spreading that joke for hours, you're hacking.

  • Look, please do a better job of
  • running this company.
  • She meant something.
  • This is KG, by the way. "

She also said from this account:

"Please accept my apologies in advance for the negative remarks you will likely read about how nasty they will likely toss you there as well.

"Oh by the way this is KG.

"I am tweeting my dead mother's account. She won't mind ".

Andy Ngo called Cathy :

"Kathy Griffin

who was permanently suspended for breaching TOS on Twitter by impersonating someone else (in this case, elonmusk), appears to evade the ban by using her late mother's Twitter account."

Cathy said:

  • Look at the date of the tweet you're referring to, Andy, for the love of the gods.
  • "It's from 2019.
  • My wonderful mother has an account I managed for her.

"She died

but I always kept the account. Believe me, you'll be with me in this. relaxation. "