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Lauren Boebert has called for homosexuality to be banished after the Colorado shooting


Lauren Boebert has called for homosexuality to be banished

after the Colorado shooting

Controversial Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado recently faced a slew of harsh online criticism in response to her statement about the shooting at a gay nightclub in her state.

Although her comments themselves were very ordinary, writing that violence was meaningless and should never have happened, many Twitter users were quick to question how Boebert could tolerate such feelings while also being deeply anti-LGBT in my past.

"The news from Colorado Springs is absolutely horrible," Boebert wrote in her Twitter post. This morning the victims and their families in my prayers. such unlawful violence must end and end quickly .

However :

  • and many people immediately pointed out that
  • Boebert was far from an ally of

the LGBT neighborhood while she was in office.

In fact  :

Boebert was one of America's foremost outspoken Republican politicians who largely contributed to an increase in anti-LGBT rhetoric from the Republican Party.

On numerous occasions

Boebert tweeted to support the LibsOfTiktTok portfolio account that often highlights many individuals and companies that are typically aligned with the LGBT community.

From artists interacting with children to teachers who show open support for LGBT students within their classrooms, the account largely targets those who share their support (or personal identity stories) proudly on their TikTok accounts.

Following posts from the LibsOfTikTok account

many creators were subjected to relentless abuse and harassment by thousands of followers of the account, some of whom were spectacularly violent.

Not long ago

Boston Children's Hospital was the target of numerous bomb threats after the account posted negative things about the site on its page.

Just before the shooting occurred

Club Q (where the deadly shooting took place in Colorado)

posted on its Facebook page to announce the upcoming "late draw" event to be held at the venue. After the shooting, it was immediately cancelled.

The LibsOfTikTok account frequently targets similar events that see members of the LGBT community actively interact with children, stimulating large amounts of hatred against LGBT and unfounded assertions of child sexual abuse and grooming.

Fellow congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Kurz was among the chorus of individuals who demanded Boebert think twice about her words and actions.

You played a key role in elevating hate speech against LGBT

and anti-trans

lies while spending your time in Congress banning even the most common gun safety laws, she wrote. You cannot escape this situation with your thoughts and prayers.. look inside and change .