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U.S. Senator Threatens Elon Musk "Fix Your Companies or Congress Will Do It!"


U.S. Senator Threatens Elon Musk "Fix Your Companies or Congress Will Do It!"

Democratic Senator Ed Markey, Elon Musk, threatened to tell him "fix your companies or Congress will fix them," hours after Musk ridiculed the senator for demanding answers about a Twitter account impersonating him.

The discussion came days after Markey sent a letter to Musk, demanding that Twitter clarify how the Washington Post reporter was able to create a successfully verified account impersonating the senator.

I ask for answers from Elon Musk

who puts interest on people and his debts at the expense of

misinformation," Markey tweeted on Friday.

Musk responded Sunday, saying on Twitter :

Perhaps it's because your real account resembles a parody,

Musk added in a follow-up tweet

  • which shows him wearing a muzzle
  • "And why is your selfie wearing a muzzle!"

Markey replied to Musk :

One of your companies is subject to the FTC approval decree, and the Auto Safety Watchdog is investigating another company to kill people, and you spend your time fighting online battles. fix your companies, or Congress will do them .

On Friday

a reporter for The Washington Post wrote that he was able to create a verified account quickly and easily impersonating Markey, having previously obtained Senate permission to conduct the test.

The demo account was created before Twitter temporarily halted subscriptions to Twitter Blue on Thursday, as fake accounts swept the platform.

In his letter to Musk

Markey demanded responses to several inquiries about

the "Twitter" verification process by November 25.

  • Allowing a fraudster to impersonate a U.S
  • Sen. on Twitter is a significant problem that needs to be addressed.
  • to be addressed immediately," Markey wrote.

Markey is a senator from the Commerce Committee.

Science and Transport Committee, which oversees the Federal Trade Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Elon Musk: I'm not absolutely stupid and I'm gonna make Twitter jumps.

Elon Musk admitted to making mistakes since buying $44 billion on Twitter

  • insisting he was not stupid
  • and trying not to be stupid
  • but saying he sometimes did stupid things.

Musk spoke at the Spaces event on Twitter

where he explained his vision for the company and tried to address the concerns of advertisers, many of whom suspended work with the company 


  • due to the uncertainty caused by its acquisition
  • stating that "The intention is not to do stupid things
  • we are not operationally stupid
  • we do not aspire to be stupid, but we still do stupid things."

He said :

If we don't try to make bold moves

how will we make big improvements?

We must take adventures here, and we will make big jumps and radical improvements, but they come with some risks.

The key is to be very agile

and when we make a stupid move we get it right quickly

and that's what's important. 

Musk tried to reassure advertisers and brands that his new content editing advisory board on Twitter would represent a variety of perspectives in the United States and internationally

adding :

  • In the short term
  • I didn't get the keys to the building until about a week ago
  • I'm moving very quickly here, but it takes a while.

He thought that Twitter's "rate of evolution"

would be a massive change to what it was in the past

if nothing else happens

I'm a technical expert and I can transfer technology quickly and that's what's going to happen on the site. We want to make it as useful as possible, and the more useful and entertaining it is, the more people will use it. "