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Investigators are looking into expensive gifts to Trump from foreign leaders they believe he hid


Investigators are looking for expensive gifts he gave Trump

from foreign leaders they think he hid.

According to three people familiar with the situation, congressional investigators are looking for hundreds of expensive gifts made by foreign governments to former President Donald Trump and his family.

According to two individuals

the House Oversight Committee requested assistance from the National Archives, one of the organizations responsible for preserving presidential gifts, to locate the artefacts.

According to a person familiar with

the circumstance, who requested anonymity

the selective list includes golf

  • a football from the 2018 World Cup
  • painted in gold horus.

A collar presented by the President of Egypt

  • a sizable Trump portrait created by the president of El Salvador
  • and King Abdulaziz Al Saud collar worth $6,400
  • a celebratory tribute from Saudi Arabia.

People familiar with the request believe that dozens of gifts have a total value of at least $50,000.

According to sources familiar with the request

the committee asked the archives to determine whether the gifts were among those legally obliged to move them from the White House to the archives at the end of Trump's presidency.

According to Trump's counsel

the committee is also interested in hearing

from Trump's team about record-keeping practices.

It is unclear why the Oversight

Committee requested these specific items;

The representative of the Committee declined to comment other than to state that the investigation was still ongoing.

It is not known to what extent the agency was in its search for these objects and which submits, if any, on the list was properly calculated because the archive also declined to comment.

Trump administration officials who handled the gifts did not respond to a request for comment, nor did Trump's spokesman.

The investigation into whether Trump

and his staff mishandled classified documents is still ongoing by the FBI, which found tons of records at Trump's Mar-Lago residence, including highly sensitive intelligence about China and Iran.

The Oversight Committee conducted a separate investigation this summer into the Foreign Gifts and Accolades Act, a 1966 law that prohibits presidents and other government officials from personally keeping gifts from foreigners worth more than $415 unless they pay for them, at the request of its chairman, Representative Caroline B. B. Maloney (DNY).

No person who wrongly keeps gifts shall

be subject to any criminal penalty specified by law. But according to ethics experts, as the case may be, criminal prosecution may be necessary.

"If you have a very valuable element that

the law obliges you to hand over to the federal government and you fail to do so

 I don't know that this would prevent you from taking criminal action

we never saw that

  1. said Virginia Kanter
  2. senior ethics adviser at CREW
  3. an ethics watchdog organization.

Items delivered to members of

the Trump family but may not have been properly reported to the State Department are among the items requested by the oversight committee of the archives.

Additional items said to have been

at Trump's executive residence in the White House

West Wing or other places near the end of the administration, such as Trump Tower or Mar-a-Lago, are likely introduced in 2020, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The White House

  • failed to provide the State Department with
  • a list of gifts that officials received
  • from foreign governments before leaving office

according to The New York Times

which published a story that the State Department was unable to provide full details of gifts made by Trump and others.

  • Officials in the White House were given during their final year in office.
  • According to testimony gathered by the Committee
  • the Office was "in complete disarray".

The Maloney Committee is currently looking

for certain contributions to its account.

 According to the person familiar with the application, other items included in the comprehensive application sent to the archives include an old signed framed photo of Queen Elizabeth II,Officials in the White House were given during their final year in office.

Embassy in Jerusalem

dresses from Oman, and a bust. Mahatma Gandhi, Afghan carpet, crystal ball, various jewelry, including diamond and gold studded earrings.