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Musk surveys users' views on reinstating Trump's Twitter account


Musk surveys

users' views on reinstating Trump's Twitter account

New owner Elon Musk surveyed social media users' views on whether to unblock former US President Donald Trump's Twitter account.

"Unblock former President Trump's account," Musk wrote in a tweet, asking users to vote and respond, with "yes" or "no."


Trump said in a commentary on his social network Truth Social about Musk's Twitter purchase that this social network had been given proper leadership. However, Trump did not disclose whether he would use Twitter later if his account was unblocked.

In early 2021

  • from using his social media account.
  • This came shortly after Trump supporters

who was the US president at the time

tried to block the U.S.

Congress from certifying the results of the presidential election in which Democratic nominee Joe Biden won.

The Twitter administration at the time justified the decision to ban Trump's account, that his tweets often caused some citizens to riot.

Trump attacks "Twitter":

Allow terrorists to tweet and I'm banned

The former US president, Donald Trump

attacked Twitter for allowing the Taliban to post messages and tweets via the site, while he remained banned on this social media.

"It's a shame when you have killers

  • robbers and dictators on the media
  • while the President of the United States
  • who had hundreds of millions of followers

has been banned, Trump said in an interview with Newsmax.

"The situation in Afghanistan is rapidly evolving

and there are individuals in the country using our platform to seek help," a Twitter spokesperson said

stressing that Twitter's top priority is to keep people safe

  • and we remain vigilant and will continue to proactively enforce our rules
  • and review content that may violate our laws
  • specifically policies against glorifying violence
  • platform manipulation and spam.

The Taliban spokesman's account

posts on Twitter tweets about

the movement's progress in Afghanistan

and has more than 332 thousand followers.

Twitter announced that it had blocked Trump's tweets on January 8 and permanently suspended his account, which had more than 80 million followers.

Trump is rumored to use Twitter's platform

for wrong tweets or to hate others like Biden

  • Most social media laws stipulate respect
  • for others while respecting mutual respect
  • despite different opinions and views
  • respecting a private rival in the political sphere.

Twitter Laws

Twitter aims to provide a public conversation service.

Behaviors such as violence and harassment do not encourage people to express themselves

Ultimately, the value learned from public talks around the world is lost. Our laws ensure that all users can participate

in public talks freely and safely.