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Biden unveils new plan to combat homelessness crisis


Biden unveils new plan to combat homelessness crisis

On Monday morning 

the Biden administration released a new plan

  • intended to address the national epidemic of homelessness.
  • It calls for strict action to prevent people from losing their homes from the outset.
  • This is an important factor in dealing with one of the main roots of the crisis.

While more than 900,000 Americans

have been removed from homelessness since 2017

the problem remains prevalent because of almost the same number of individuals who have lost their homes over the past few years.

"We have become very good at providing people with supportive housing," said Jeff Olivier, executive director of the American Inter-Agency Council on Homelessness.

The recently disclosed proposal promoted by President Biden and his administration was created by Olivet's council.

As a country, we didn't do a fantastic job to close a faucet

Olivier pointed out as well.

Including a range of means to enhance the stock of affordable housing opportunities available, the new plan hopes to combat one major source of the homelessness crisis rather than simply deal with its implications. 

It also calls for an increase in the number of emergency support programmes and shelters accessible and accessible to individuals in need in times of need.


the biggest change in the plan hopes to promote "systematic prevention of homelessness", with great emphasis on those who find it difficult to keep a roof over their heads.


it aims to reduce the number of displaced individuals by 25% by 2025, a goal that is likely to be difficult in the coming years.

Since then

the Inter-Agency Council on Displacement has called on local and state governments to use their plan as a model for active change.

Since 2016

after the sudden rise in homelessness

  • the number of individuals left homeless appears to have stabilized.
  • The Ministry of Housing performed a poll, which claims
  • and Urban Development, there were 582,426 individuals

who left the streets in one night in January of this year only.

  • This figure, while astonishing in itself
  • is slightly larger than the previous number for

More than 1 million families and individuals experienced some homelessness throughout 2022, and were remarkably disproportionate white. The plan seeks to combat this inequality.

Many people without shelter are left to face the streets at night as local shelters fill up very quickly and reach capacity before they can help everyone.

While recognition of

the issue has increased awareness across

the country, it has also prompted many communities across the country to crack down on camps and even criminalize sleeping in certain areas of the public.

"Where we invest, we see success,"

Olivier insisted.

Where we don't invest, this is where we see numbers rising.